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Microcomputer constant temperature and humidity testing machine

Product Details

Constant Temperature and Humidity Microcomputer Testing Machine with 150L capacity is a high and low temperature test box with an inner box size of 500 x 600 x 500mm (width x height x depth), which is suitable for suitable for communications , instruments, electronics, electrical appliances, vehicles, food, chemicals, plastic products, metals, building materials, medicine, aerospace and other quality inspection products.

Product Features:

1. QINSUN Technology selects all imported refrigeration units with original French Taikang or German Bitzer compressors and key accessories. All are imported international brands, and the whole system is equipped with multiple protections to improve operational safety.

Secondly, it has a very large temperature control range, which can be different Meet the needs of users from all walks of life.

Third, you can use the most balanced temperature adjustment method Get a safe one , precise temperature environment.

4. Ingenious air channel structure, small temperature deviation, high uniformity and Antcondensation function.

5. The full touch screen system is easy to operate, easy to install, use and maintain.

6. It has stable and balanced heating performance and can be used for high-precision high-temperature temperature control.

Seven, the gate is equipped with a lighted viewing window, what can be convenient Observe the test condition of the test sample.

You can also choose the volume size as follows: (unit : mm )

Volume: 80 litres: Internal dimensions D × W × H 400 × 400 × 500 Dimensions 1200 × 1000 × 1650 Power: 4.0 kW

volume: 225 liters: internal dimensions D×W×H 600×500×750 external dimensions 1300×1150×1900 power: 4.5KW

Volume: 408 liters: Internal dimensions D×W×H 850×600×800 Dimensions 1450 × 1400 × 2100 Power: 7.5 kW

Volume: 800 litres: Internal dimensions D×W×H 800×1000×1000 External dimensions 1550×1600×2250 Power: 9.0KW

Volume: 1000 litres: Internal dimensions D×W×H 1000×1000×1000 External dimensions 1850×1600×2250 Power: 10.5KW

Temperature range: -20℃~150℃, -40℃~ 150℃, -70℃~ 150℃

Temperature uniformity: ≤±2℃ (at Nr load)

Temperature fluctuation Temperature: ±0.5°C (when not charging)

Temperature deviation: ≤±2℃

Cool Down Rate: 1℃/min

Heating rate: 3℃ / min

Time setting range: 0~999 hours

Microcomputer Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing MachineRefrigeration System Control 1st compressor: fully closed French Taikang

2nd cooling method: cascade cooling

3, cold condensation method: forced air cooling

4. Refrigerant: R404A, R 2 3 (environmentally friendly)

5.System The pipelines are leak tested by venting and pressurizing for 48 hours.

6 , heating and cooling system *independent

7. Inner Helix Copper Pipe for Refrigerant

8. Tilt evaporator

9, dry filter, refrigerant flow window, repair valve, oil separator, solenoid valves and liquid storage cylinder are all imported original parts

10. Dehumidification system: Use the dew point temperatureOnly the evaporator coil with laminar contact dehumidification

11. Start R404A and R 2 3 during cooling and start R404A only during dehumidification (energy saving and consumption reduction)

After-sales service:

Constant temperature and humidity box 150L capacity Manufacturer Dongguan QINSUN Technology provides free installation, commissioning and training services; the whole machine is free for one year and guaranteed for life. long maintenance; during the warranty period, technicians perform quarterly maintenance free of charge; for upgrading equipment service follow-up for users in a timely manner. 

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