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UV aging chamber with temperature control

Temperature Controlled UV Aging ChamberThe UV light waves normally found on the earth's surface are much more intense. Although this UV light, which is much shorter than natural wavelength, can significantly speed up the test, thus providing a basis for improving material formulation and product performance.

Temperature Control UV The Aging Box Uses a special imported UV UV lamp to simulate the light wave irradiation of sunlight, and uses condensation and water spray to simulate the climate of dew and rain, and really reproduces different climates from households such as sunlight, material aging or damage from extensive weather conditions such as rain spray and condensation from high humidity. Types of damage include discoloration, fading, loss of gloss, chalking, cracking, cracking, smearing, blistering, embrittlement, loss of strength, and oxidation. Widely used in helmets, paints, coatings, outdoor color advertising, inks, dyes, textiles, automotive interior and exterior parts, plastics, printing and packaging and other industries. The tested material is tested in a cyclic environmental program that alternates between different climate zones. Dangers that occur outdoors over months to years can be reproduced immediately with short test times. Types of hazards include: fading, cracking, clouding, blistering, discoloration, loss of gloss, chalking, embrittlement, loss of strength, and oxidation.


LQ-UV1 is a single function, has only a single UV lighting function

LQ-UV3-A has three functions including light + condensation + spraying, because the test box simulates the outdoor environment, the outdoor environment has sunlight, rainy days and wet and dewyical weather. The third function is to simulate a variety of weather conditions and climate very well. For example, UV light is intended to simulate the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, spray is intended to simulate rainy weather, and condensation is intended to simulate humidification to create high humidity and dewdrops.

LQ-UV3-B, thistoo a three-function, but the specification is different from the standard slice, thissuitable for displaying non-standard size and irregular-size products that cannot be sliced, the function is the same as LQ-UV3-A, but the Place where the product is placed is different. It adopts the style of a shelf suitable for irregular products.

Technical parameters:

Studio size: 450×1170×500mm;

Effective irradiation area: 450×1170×500㎜;

Case dimensions: 580×1280×1350mm

Moisture range: ≧95% R H;

Temperature range: RT+10℃~70℃;

Moisture Uniformity: ≦± 2%;

Temperature uniformity: ≦±3℃;

Temperature variation: ≦± 0.5℃;

Moisture variation: ≦±2%;

Light center distance: 70㎜;

Example and light center spacing: 50㎜;

Default pattern size:75×285㎜;

test time: 0 ~999H adjustable;

Condensation temperature: 40 ℃~65℃;

Ultraviolet light and condensation time can be set alternately;

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

Power: 3.5KW

Default: GB/T14522-93/GB /T16585- 1996/GB/T16422.3-1997

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