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Rapid test chamber for alternating high and low temperatures

Quickly changing high and low temperature test chamber Also known as a temperature cycle test chamber, it is a device which requires rapid temperature and temperature changes for testing.Whether it is high or low temperature, fast or slow, it can change with the user's needs and test conditions. The series of equipment is suitable for stress screening test of aerospace products , communication products, information electronic instruments, industrial materials, spare parts, electronic products, various electronic components and other items.

Fast alternating high and low temperature test chamber is used to set the high & low temperaturend low temperature by controlling their temperature rise and fall are accelerated, so they can be used regularly for temperature cycling stress screening tests for industrial products. This device is a variety of products under the design strength limit, using artificial simulation of ambient temperature acceleration techniques (when cycling in the upper and lower limit temperature, the product will alternately expand and contract) to change the external environmental load, so that the product thermal Stress and stress are generated in the environment, and the potential failures in the product occur by accelerating the stress [potential material failures of parts, process failures, process failures], to avoid the product batch being tested by environmental stress during this period of failures, the unnecessary cause heavy losses, have a significant impact on improving the proproduct delivery yield and reducing the number of repairs. In addition, the stress screening itself is a process in the manufacturing process rather than a reliability test, so the stress screening is a 100% procedure performed on the product.

QINSUN rapid test chamber:

Studio material The material is high quality SUS304 stainless steel- strong corrosion resistance, cold- and heat fatigue function, long service life;

High-strength, high-reliability overall design of the machine structure - ensures the high reliability of the test chamberr;

High-density polyurethane foam insulation - ensures minimal heat loss;

Surface spray treatment - guaranteed permanent anti-corrosion function and appearance of the equipment;

High-strength and temperature-resistant silicone rubber sealing tape – ensures that the appliance door is tight;

Large-scale electric frost-proof observation window, built-in lighting - can ensure good observation of the effect;

Green refrigerant - to ensure the units better meet your environmental requirements;

A variety of optional functions (test hole, recorder, water purification system, etc.) meet the needs of users safe for various functions and tests;

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