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النشرة الإخبارية Equipment for heat and cold shock testing

The equipment for the cold and heat shock testis LED , metal, optoelectronics , rubber, plastics, electronics and other materials industries. It is mainly used to test the resistance of materials to extreme hot or cold temperatures. The changes or physical damage in the rapid cycle test of heat and cold are thermal changes, expansion and contraction, or due to the change other physical characteristics, all of Qinsun Technology's test equipment adopt the PID system, and all kinds of equipment are trusted by experts. The effects of hot and cold testing include electrochemical changes caused by cracking or delaminationand displacement of the final product. All-digital automatic control of the PID system will make it easy for every customer to operate.

Thermal shock test equipment Use features:

1. The test temperature range can be selected: A: -40~ 150℃; B: -55~ 150℃; C: -65 ~ 150℃

2. High-temperature chamber: Preheat

Temperature range, RT 20° C~200°C Heating-up time: 20°C~200°C approx. 30min

3. Low temperature room: preset cold temperature range, RT~-80℃ cooling time: 20℃~-80℃ about 80min

4. Lab shock: Temperature uniformity ±2.0℃

5. Internal and external materials: the inner box is made of SUS 304# stainless steel plate with matte surface treatment, and the outer box is made of cold-rolled steel sprayed with plastic or stainless steel

6. Thermal insulation material: durable, high-temperature, high-density foam insulation material

7 . Controller: OYO9226S with communication function: RS-232 interface

8, Compression machine: French brand 'Taikang' or German 'Bitzer', Refrigerant: American R23 and R404 environmentally friendly refrigerant

9. Cooling system: fully enclosed two-stage compressor (air-cooled) or semi-hermetic two-stage compressor (water-cooled)

10, power supply: 3∮5W AC380±10% 50/60HZ

11 Model Size: (In addition to the following standard sizes, our company can also customize special sizes for you)



inner box size: 500×400×400 outer box size: 1700×1800×1440

LQ-TS-100A/B /C Iinner box size: 600×400×400 outer box size: 1800×1800×1440

LQ-TS-150A/B/C inner box size: 600×500×500 outer box size: 1800×1900×1540

LQ -TS-250A/B/C Inner box size: 700 × 600 × 600 Outer box size: 1900 × 2000 × 1640

LQ-TS-480A/B/C inner box size: 800×800×750 Outer box size: 2020×2250×2150

The choice of materials is as follows:

01 Touchscreen Controller Japan OYO9226S

02 compressors France Taikang or German Bitzer Two Sets (cascade cooling)

03 thermal relay Schneider LRD

04 intermediate relay Omron MY2J

05 timer Taiwan CKCAH3-3

06 Overtemperature Protection Korean Rainbow TS-320S

07SSR China Taiwan Yangming KSR-40DAE

08 Two Bottles of Frozen Oil American Ice Bear

09 Sensor Taiwan Hualing 5pcs

10 no circuit breaker China Taiwan Shihlin BM-100CN

11 circulation compartments China Taiwan Lida 220V60W

12 Wind Wheel China Taiwan Jianyu 6F ×3

13 AC Schütz Schneider LC1D09M7C

14 capacitor China Taiwan Keweili 6 horses

15 condensing fan Germany Dunli 220V350M

16 oil separator American ALCO5/8

17 dry filter Denmark Danfoss DML083S

18 expansion valve Denmark Danfoss TS2/068Z3400

19 solenoid valve Japan Sagiya NEV220V

20 high voltage switch Denmark Danfoss 060-1173KP5

21 plate heat exchanger China Taiwan Gaoleft 8 horses

22 vaporizer China Taiwan Zhongli 8 horses

23 Refrigerant American Dupont R404A

24 heater China Taiwan Longxing AC380V

25 oil pressure switch Japanese Sagnomiya system used

26 box material SUS304 bare stainless steel 1MM machine liner

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