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النشرة الإخبارية 313 UV Lamp Irradiation Test Chamber

313 UV Lamp Irradiation Test ChamberSimulate the damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet light and test the weatherability of the material by exposing the tested material to light at a controlled high temperature. It uses UV lamps to simulate the radiant effect of sunlight. In just a few days or weeks, UV radiation equipment can reproduce the damage that lasts months or even years outdoors, including fading, discoloration, tarnishing, powdering, cracking, tearing, wrinkling, such as blistering, embrittlement, strength reduction, oxidation, etc. The test results can be used to select new materials, existing materialsto improve or to evaluate changes in material formulations.

Ultraviolet (UV) light makes up only 5% of sunlight, but it is the main light factor that reduces the durability of outdoor products. Several different UV lamps are available and in most cases only simulated shortwave UV light is required. Most of these UV lamps produce ultraviolet light rather than visible and infrared light. Lamps differ primarily in the total UV energy they produce in their respective wavelength ranges. Different lamps lead to different test results. Actual exposure application environment can indicate what kind of UV lamp should be used.

UVA-340, an excellent choice to simulate the ultraviolet rays of sunlight in reality. UVA-340 can simulate the sunlight spectrum in the short wavelength range, that is, the wavelength range is 295-360nm spectrum, UVA-340 only produces a spectrum of UV wavelengths found in sunlight.

UVB- 313, used for high levels of accelerated UVB-313 wavelength is shorter, with a wavelength range of 280-315n, it can provide test results faster than UVA-340.

The standard defines that the emission of light of wavelength energy below 300 nm is less than 2% of the total output light energy A fluorescent UV lamp, commonly referred to as a UV-A lamp ;a fluorescent UV lamp that emits light energy below 300 nm that is greater than 10% of the total output light energy, commonly referred to as a UV-B lamp.

313 UV Lamp Exposure Test Chamber

LQ-UV1 is Single Functional , only UV lighting function

LQ-UV3-A has three functions including light + condensation + spraying, because the test box simulates the outdoor environment. The outdoor environment has sunlight, rainy days, and wet and dewy weather. The three functions are to simulate a variety of weather and climate conditions. For example, UV light is intended to simulate the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, spraying simulates rainy weather, and condensation simulates Humidification creates high humidity and dewdrops.

LQ-UV3-B, this one also has three functions, only the specification Different from the standard slicing, this one is suitable herePlacement of non-standard size and irregular size products that cannot be sliced. The function is the same as that of LQ-UV3-A, but the place where the product is placed is different. It adopts the Style of a shelf suitable for irregular products.

Technical parameters:

Test field size: W 114 x H 39 x D 40 cm (width x Height x depth) Test chamber dimensions: W 130 x H 148 x D 55 cm ((width x height x depth) Temperature range: RT+10℃~+70℃ Temperature uniformity: ±3 ℃ Humidity range: ≥95% R?H parallel distance to the center of the pipe : 70mmDistance between test sample and tube surface: 50±2mm Light source: UV-A or UV-B UV lamp Wavelength range: 300~400nm Standard test piece: 75×150mm (non-standard test range can be customized) Power: 3.5KW : Supply voltage: AC380V50Hz Accessories: Stainless steel Sample holder: 28 Standard UV lamps: 8


GB/T14552-2008 Standard of the People's Republic of China--Mechanical Industry Products Use a, Fluorescent Ultraviolet Light/Condensation Test Method in Plastic, Paint, Rubber Materials - Artificial Climate Accelerated Test Method.

GB/T16422.3-2014 Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method No. 3 parts

GB/T16585-1996 Standard of the People's Republic of China - Test Method for Artificial Weathering of Vulcanized Rubber (Fluorescent UV Lamp).

Conforms to international testing standards:

ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE J2020 and other recent UV aging test standards.

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