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Aging test chamber for xenon rubber lamps

Rubber xenon lamp aging test chamber Currently, the method of accelerated test of artificial climate aging is used to simulate and reinforce the most important environmental factors and realize the quick assessment of the aging resistance of the material after a relatively short time under laboratory conditions and you can deliver standardized and reproducible test results.

Rubber Xenon Lamp Aging Test ChamberThe standards met are:

GB/T16422. 2-2014 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method Part 2 Xenon Arc Lamp;

ASTM D2565-1999 Xenon Arc Light Exposure Regulations for Outdoor Plastics;

ASTM D4459-2006 Accelerated Light Fastness Xenon Arc Type (Water Cooled) Exposure for Indoor Use on Plastic Exposure Operating Procedures of the device;

ASTM D6695-03b Xenon Lamp Aging Test for Automotive Exterior Parts;

GB/T 2424.14-1995 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Part 2: Test methods Solar radiation test guidelines;

ISO 4892-2-2006 Plastic Laboratory Light Exposure Methods Part 2 Xenon Light Source;

ASTM G155-2005 xenon outdoor plastic lamp aging test method;

GB/T 16422.3-2014 Laboratory plastic light source exposure test methods, Part 3 UV fluorescent lamp

AATCC TM16 (American Association of Textile Colorists-Textile Color Fastness Test Method)

ASTM C1442 Method for Testing Sealants Using Artificial Weatherometers This test method includes three accelerated aging procedures in the Labor, evaluating the effect of sun exposure, heat and humidity on seals

ISO 11341-2004 Chinese name: Paints and coatings - Simulated natural aging and exposure to simulated Radiation - exposure to filtered xenon arc radiation

GB/T 2423.24-2013 Environmental Testing Part 2: Test Method Test Sa simulates solar radiation on the ground and its test guidelines

Key features of the device:

1. Ventilation and cooling device: The temperature of the test chamber is automatically controlled by the temperature controller.

2. Control Control the panel thermometer with wireless transmission technology, which effectively improves the control precision.

3. Measure the radiation intensity of xenon lamp with optical fiber transmission to avoid the problem of temperature-related measurement error.

4. A BPT black panel thermometer or BST black standard thermometer is installed on the sample holder.

5. Device: To record each test working time, the device is equipped with a timer on the control panel, which can control the time of the device, and the device will automatically shut down when the timer has expired.

6. Protection device: to make the xenon arc lamp work normally without damage, the xenon lamp will be automatically extinguished when the door is opened, and the gethe entire machine no longer works.

Xenon lamp test device | Testing devices for xenon lamps | Xenon lamp aging devices structure and configuration:

1. Integral structure: consisting of test chamber, heating/lighting/system/electrical control

2. Box material: The outer tank is processed by high-quality CNC machine tools from A3 steel plate, and the surface of the shell is treated with phosphating and spray plastic, which is smoother and more beautiful.

3.Box Liner: SUS304 stainless steel plate

4th door: silicone rubber seal.

5. Sample stand: made of stainless steel, sample mounting position adjustable, standard punch template

6. Controller: programmable touch screen controller

7. Convection: longitudinal axis special motor< /p>

8th device with timing controller

9. Black Panel Thermometer BPT or Black Standard Thermometer BST

10. Special filter (light through the glass window)

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