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النشرة الإخبارية special radiation meter for UV aging test chamber

1. Special UV aging test chamber irradiance meterFeatures

RGM-H102 series digital UV illuminance meter refers to the design style of many similar products at home and abroad. Consider customers comprehensively It has the following characteristics:


Select high-precision digital A/D to ensure more accurate measurement;


Large capacity battery power supply, super long standby time for 1 month;


Choose pure UV sensor, no visible light effect;

The main machine uses high-end digital processing chip and intelligent software design

Professional optical path design to make the instrument work well response curve;

Automatic data storage function, UV detection is more secure

Second, technical indicators.

Response spectrum: input p =340nm

Measuring range: 0~40000uw/cm2

Display accuracy: 0.luw/cm2 Measurement accuracy: ±10%

Main unit appearance: 130 mm × 70 mm × 28 mm (length, width and height) -

Built-in power supply : 4.8 V

Rechargeable battery

External power supply: 5.6V DC adapter -

Power consumption of the whole machine: ≤0.25W


Standby time: 1 month.

Working environment: indoor use

Altitude ≤2000m Temperature 0~+55℃

Three,Special radiometer for UV aging test chamberInstallation and connection

1. Open the UV radiometer packing box and take out the main unit and UV probe. The UV probe is connected to the host via the aviation connector: insert the sensor connector into the host connector socket, and align the direction of the connector groove before inserting. It is strictly forbidden to force the sensor and host without alignmentconnect. After the aviation connector is inserted into the connector seat, tighten the body connector screw.

2. After the sensor is connected to the host, place the sensor at the selected test point. When ready, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the device. If the host enters the company's LOGO interface and shuts down when it is turned on, it means that the battery power is insufficient and it can be charged by external power supply.

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