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UV artificial aging chamber

Ultraviolet Artificial Aging Box is an anti-aging instrument that uses artificial special function lamps to simulate outdoor UV rays and industrial colored materials or identify products. The shortwave UV used is more intense than the UV light waves commonly found on the earth's surface today. However, this UV light, which is much shorter than natural wavelength, can greatly speed up the test, thus providing a basis for improving material formulation and product performance. After the test, the product's performance is evaluated by checking whether it can still meet the specified requirements to be used for product design, improvement, evaluation and factory inspection. The reason for the useThe thing about UV lamps imported from the USA is that they are more stable than other household lamps and can better reproduce the test results.

UV artificial aging boxType selection

LQ-UV1 is single function, has only single UV light function

LQ-UV3-A has three functions, including light + condensation + spraying, because the test box simulates the outdoor environment, and the outdoor environment has sunlight, rainy days and wet dew. Weather, the three functions are designed to simulate a variety of Weather and climate very well, such as UV light is intended to simulate the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, Spray is intended to simulate rainy weather, and Condensation is intended to simulate humidification to create high humidity and dewdrops.

LQ-UV3-B, thisalso three functions, but the specification is different from the standard slice, thissuitable for non-standard size and irregular size products that cannot be sliced ​​Die Function is the same as LQ-UV3-A, but the place where the product is placed is different.It adopts the style of a shelf, suitable for irregular products.

Follows the standard

GB/T14552-2008 Plastic, a. Fluorescent UV / Condensation Test Method in Coatings, Rubber Materials - Artificial Climate Accelerated Test Method.

GB/T16422.3 -1997 GB/T16585- 96 correlation analysis method.

GB/T16585-1996 Test Method for Artificial Weathering of Vulcanized Rubber (Fluorescent Ultraviolet Lamp).

GB/T16422.3-1997 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method and other relevant standard terms for design and manufacturing standards.

Conforms to international test standards: ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE J2020 and other recent UV aging test standards.

Technical parameters:

Temperature and humidity range normal temperature +10~70℃;

Board measurement area: 45~80℃;

Moisture range: ≥90% RH

Temperature variation: ±3℃

Resolution: 0.1℃

The center-to-center distance of the light is 70 mm

Center distance between test product and lamp tube: plate base test plate (adjustable up and down)

The irradiance is Adjustable within 1.0W/m2 (can be output according to the set light level)

Temperature control method PID self-tuning temperature control method

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