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Equipment for sun aging

Sun Aging EquipmentIt can not only simulate the ultraviolet light worn in the sun, but also simulate the environmental test at high temperature and high humidity, so it can also be called high temperature UV aging box or high humidity UV weather resistance box and UV light source environmental box. This device can simulate the damage caused by UV light, rain and dew on industrial materials. It uses Atlas UV fluorescent lamps imported from the United States to simulate the effect of UV light in sunlight. It uses condensation to simulate humidity and dew The shower simulates rainy and rainy weather. The tested material is used in a cyclic environmentTested a program that switches between different climate zones. Dangers that occur outdoors over months to years can be reproduced immediately with short test times. Types of hazards are: fading, cracking, clouding, blistering, discoloration, loss of gloss, chalking, embrittlement, loss of strength and oxidation.

Sunlight Aging DevicesTechnical Parameters:

1. Studio size: 1140mm×690mm×640mm (W×H×D)

2. Dimensions: taking into account the actual situation (W×H×D)

< p style=margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 0px; font-family: microsoft= white -space:= -webkit-tap-highlight-color:= Appearance: = color:= background-color:=>3. Lamp Parameters:


LabLamp brand: American import ATALS (Atlas)

3-2 lamp model: UV-A340 (315~400nm), UV-B313 (280nm ~ 315nm) Optional

3-3 center distance: 70mm

3-4 Radiance Intensity : adjustable within 0.4W/m2~1W/m2

4. Temperature display: < p style=margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 0px; font-family: microsoft= white-space:= -webkit-tap-highlight- color:= Appearance: = color:=background-color:=>4-1 Condensing temperature range: 40℃~60℃

4-2 Light temperature range : 50℃~70℃

< p style=margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 0px; font-family: microsoft= white-space:= -webkit- Tap-Highlight-Color:= Appearance: = Color:= Background-Color:=>4-3 Light temperature tolerance: ≤±2℃

4-4 temperature variation ≤±2℃

4-5 Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃

5, Chalkboard thermometer

5-1 Measurement Range: 30~80℃

5-2 tolerance is ±1℃

6. 45% ~ 90% R.H

7. Temperature control method: PID self-tuning temperature control method

8. Sink requirements: water depth no greater than 25mm and automatic water supply control

9. Rubber Aging Test Chamber | Sample frame for UV aging resistance testing machine:

9-1 Standard Test Part Size: 75 × 90mm (Special Specification Sample Holder Can Be Customized)

9-2 test capacity: 48 piece

9-3 Der Distance between the test piece and the nearly parallel surface of the lamp surface: 50mm

9-4 pattern thickness up to 20mm

10.Technical characteristics :

10-1 interface: 7 inch super True color touch screen, humanized and user-friendly interface.

10-2 Convenient programming, automatic alarm in the event of incorrect operation and failure, programmable light intensity setting and automatic implementation;

10-3 uses imported fluorescent UV lamps as the light source to ensure the authenticity of the test light source;

10-4 Solar eye: China Taiwan QTEST solar eye, which can perform long-term stable measurement and control of light irradiance (optional);

10-5 data storage: key parameters such as test temperature, test time, irradiance, etc. can be real-time through the computer monitor and save;

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