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Lamp UV Weatherability Test Chamber

Lamp UV Weatherability Test Chamber is the world's most widely used UV accelerated testing device for coatings, inks, plastics, leather and electronics. Wide range of applications in electrical appliances and other industries. In just a few days or a few cycles, the UV aging chamber can reproduce the damage that takes months or years outdoors: including fading, discoloration, chalking, smudging, embrittlement degradation, and oxidation.

Lamp UV Weatherability Test ChamberControl system:

Programmable 7th -Adopt inch true color touchscreen controller (QTEST) from China and Taiwan

Fixed value operation function

Users can use this The function realizes the function of continuous UV test. In the customized running screen, the user can manually control the opening and closing of each function. In this screen, the temperature setting can be made and has the function of automatic temperature calculation.

In the program control screen, the user can run the device automatically according to the edited program. When the program is running, the device has functions such as jump hold. And can see the basic information like the total running time of the program , the segment running time of the program segment and the program number.At the same time, the operational status of each system


visually displayed on screen

Operating mode: program mode, fixed value mode

Setting mode: Chinese menu, touch screen input

UI language type: Chinese /English

Program editing: 120 program groups can be edited, each program can be edited with a maximum of 100 segments, and cycle operation can be set ;

Black panel temperature monitoring: Use a standard Pt-100 black panel temperature sensor to precisely control the surface temperature of the sample during the test .

Communication interface: (RS232/RS485, thelongest communication distance is 1.2km [optical fiber up to 30km])

Helper function: error alarm and reasons, processing reminder function, power-off protection function, timing function (auto start and auto stop), self-diagnosis function.

The black aluminum plate is connected to the temperature sensor, and the black plate temperature instrument is used to control the heating, and the temperature is more stable.

Radiation The probe is fixed and does not need to be loaded and unloaded every time.

Lighting and compression can be controlled independently and switched alternately.

The independent tax codeThe time of light and condensation and the time of alternating cycle control can be set arbitrarily within 1000 hours.

Simple technical parameters:

studio size: 1140 x 690 x640 mm (W x H x D).

External dimensions of the case: approx. 1300×1630×700mm (W*H*D).

Temperature range: RT+10℃~70℃.

Moisture range: ≧95% R H.

Temperature variation: ≦±0.5℃.

humidity variation: ≦±2%.

Humidity uniformity: ≦±2%.

Temperature uniformity: ≦±3℃.

light center distance: 70㎜.

< p style=margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 0px; color: rgb(85, 85, 85); font-size: 12px; white space: normal; text-align: justify ; font -family: Microsoft Yahei !important;>Distance between pattern and lamp center: 50㎜.

Default pattern size: 75×285㎜.

Effective irradiation area: 450×1170×500㎜.

Test time: adjustable from 0 to 999H.

Tablet temperature: 40℃~65℃.

UV light and condensation time can be set alternately.

Power supply: AC380V 50Hz.

Power: 2.5KW.

Notes: Specimen Restrictions: This test device is prohibited : testing and storing samples of flammable, explosive and volatile substances, and testing and storing of Samples of corrosive substances.

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