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النشرة الإخبارية Xenon lamp detection tool

Xenon Lamp Tester/Xenon Lamp Aging Test BoxUse a long-arc (full solar spectrum) xenon lamp as the light source to simulate and enhance the weatherability and accelerated aging of Products Advanced testing equipment to quickly obtain test results close to light aging of large climates used to evaluate colored products such as plastics, rubber, paints, inks, papers, coatings, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, auto accessories, textile printing and dyeing and other materials weather resistance.

Technical parameters:



Internal dimensions (W×H×D)cm

800×800×800 (size can be customized)


External dimensions (W×H×D) cm

Actual size as standard

Temperature range

RT (Normal Temperature)~85 ℃

Humidity range

30% ~ 98% R.H.

Temperature control accuracy


Temperature uniformity


Type of light source :

Imported full solar spectrum water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp (average lifespan of about 1500 hours)

Rainy season

1~9999 minutes, adjustable

Rain cycle

1~240 minutes, interval (off) adjustable

Spectral wavelength

290 nm~ 800 nm

Xenon lamp power

1KW, 6KW (


Lifetime: 1500 hours)

Light source wavelength range

290-800 nm

Light source irradiance

550-1200 W/m2

Irradiation range

Approx 7500 cm2

Distance from arc center to sample holder

350~380 mm

Rotation speed of rotating sample basket

1~3r/min (stepless Speed ​​regulation)

Water spray time

0~99h59min, steplessadjustable

Spray pressure


Spray stop time

0~99h59min, continuously adjustable

Lighting time

Continuously programmable control

Black panel temperature

Bimetal black panel thermometer 40℃~65℃(±3℃)

Structural features:

1. Xenon lamp, laboratory, rotating shaft, sample holder temperature sensor, driving mechanism and control system. The xenon lamp is fixed in the center of the top of the test room, the rotary shaft is pivotally connected to the test room, and the control system controls the drive mechanism to drive the rotary shaft to rotate.

2. The control system includes a microcomputer and a digital power supply. The microcomputer receives and processes the signals of each sensor, and the digital power supply supplies the xenon lamp with appropriate power according to the digital signal response of the microcomputer.

3. The inside of the rotary shaft presents a hohle structure. At the bottom of the rotary shaft, a signal transmitter is installed, which can rotate with the rotary shaft. The temperature sensor of the sample rack is electrically connected by multiple wires, and the signal transmitter is connected through the hollow structure of the rotary shaft. The temperature signal is detected by the temperature sensor and sent to the receiver, overcoming the defect that the signal line is difficult to transmit the signal through the rotation of the sample holder to the control system.

4. The test chamber can comprehensively simulate various environmental variables, including humidity, temperature and light, and realize high-precision control of simulated outdoor environmental changes, and carry out a full test of the product's weather resistance. and It can meet the testing requirements of most international drag testing standards.

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