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Automobile Simulation Vibration Test Bench

< The powerful >Automotive Simulation Vibration Test Bench is mainly used for electronic products, electrical products, electrical products, mechanical products, the automotive industry and other vibration environments involved in the process of manufacturing, assembly, transportation and the possible Damages are involved in use to evaluate the vibration resistance, integrity and reliability of related industrial product structures.

This type of equipment is manufactured according to American and European transport standards and is improved in relation to similar equipment in the United States. Use thatEccentric bearing to create an elliptical trajectory in the rotation to simulate the vibration and collision of the goods during the transportation of the car or ship. Fix the test platform on the eccentric bearing. As the eccentric bearing rotates, the entire plane of the test platform moves up and down in an elliptical shape. Adjusting the speed of the eccentric shaft with rotation is equivalent to adjusting the speed of a car or ship.

Vibration test bench for automotive simulationFunctions and parameters:

The vibration frequency adopts the digital display with high precision.

Synchronous chain structure, stronger and more durable than pulley structure

The pattern bracket adopts the rail type, which is convenient and safe to use.

1. Vibration frequency: 0-300 (rpm) adjustable;

2, fixed amplitude: 1″ (25.4MM );

3.Standard load: 100kg (the weight over 100kg can be adjusted according to the weight of the customer's product);

4. Effective canvas size; 1000*1200mm

5. Time setting: 0—— 99.99 (H/M/S)

6. Motor power: 1 HP (DC);

7. Vibration Method: Reciprocal Horse Racing

8. Power consumption: 0.75KW

About Delivery Installation

The transport vibration test stand comes as a complete assembly and comes with professional on-site installation training, so customers don't have to do any installation themselves.

QINSUN reminds everyone to be aware of safety issues when using this device

This vibration test stand is only suitable for single-phase three-wire 220 V AC power supply

When the vibrating table is running, do not touch any parts other than the control panel with your hands to avoid scratches or bruises

If you need to move the vibration test stand, after turning off the power, allow it to cool for 5 minutes before operating it again.

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