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Electromagnetic Frequency Oscillation Vibration Table

Electromagnetic Vibration Table |Electromagnetic Vibration The table is made with coil suction and magnetic field structure, which mainly Used in electronic products, electrical products, electrical products, mechanical products, automotive and other products involved in the process of manufacturing, assembly, transportation and use. The damage that can be caused by the vibration environment is used to test the vibration resistance, integrity and reliabilityability to evaluate the structure of related industrial products. Realize all the functions required for vibration testing: frequency sweep, programmable, sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency multiplication, logarithm, amplitude modulation, timing,

Large acceleration and simple constant acceleration/constant amplitude. All vibration tables manufactured by QINSUN have stable performance, reliable quality and perfect service.

Electromagnetic Frequency Sweep ShakerThe parameters are as follows:

Serial Number 01: Model: LQ-DC-L; Vibration Direction: Vertical

Serial Number 02: Model: LQ-DC-HL: Vibration Direction: Horizontal

Serial number 03: Model: LQ-DC-TL: Vibration direction: vertical + horizontal

No. 04: Workbench size (L*W): 50*50cm

No. 05: Vibration waveforms include: half-sine wave, sine wave;

Number 06: Scan range: 1~600 Hz (adjustable); Resolution precision: 0.01 Hz

No. 07: Frequency range: 1~600 Hz (adjustable): Resolution accuracy: 0.01 Hz

Number 07: Amplitude (p-p ) : 0~5mm

No. 09: Maximum acceleration: 20g (Acceleration, frequency and amplitude are mutual influences)

Number 10: The standard test load: 100kg. If you need a larger load, due to different load-bearing prices, please contact the seller before bidding.

No. 11: frequency modulation function: each frequency within the frequency range must be within (large acceleration <20g, large amplitude <5mm)

No. 12: Frequency sweep function ( 0.01Hz ) (upper frequency/lower frequency/time range) can be set arbitrarily to sweep the true standard back and forth (amplitude changes with frequency )

No. 13: logarithmic function ( 0.01Hz) ①down to up frequency ②up to down frequency ③down to up and down to down frequency--3 modes logarithmetic/recyclable

Number 14: Multiplier function (0.01Hz) 15 segments increase by multiples ① low to high frequency ② high to low frequency ③ low to high and then low frequency / repeatable

No. 16: Time control: Any time can be set (in seconds)

#17: Precision: frequency can be displayed with 0.01 Hz, precision 0.1 Hz

No. 18: Vibrator power: 2.2KW

No. 19: Supply voltage (V ) : 220±20%

Serial number 17: vertical vibrating table body size (CM): 50*50*20 (this size is just the size, other sizes are made by our company, and can also be customized )

Serial number 18: horizontal vibrating table body size (CM): 50*50*25 This size is just one size, other sizes will be made by our company manufactured and non-standard customizations are also available.

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