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How does an environmental test chamber maintenance?What are the correct usage methods of environment


    Speaking of Environmental test chamber I believe that companies will not be unfamiliar, because almost enterprises need a must, this device is high, low temperature reliability test. So some daily maintenance maintenance is indispensable due to long-term equipment for a long time, so Xiaobian gives you the correct way to use the environmental test box. What is it?
    1 Fan cleaning and balance: similar to the cleaning evaporator, due to

    environmental test chamber
    The working environment is different, the circulating blade and the condenser fan will condense a lot of dust small particles It should be carried out regularly 3, periodically cleaning evaporator: Due to the cleansing level of the test sample, the evaporator will condense small particulate objects on the evaporator under the action of the forced wind cycle, and should be cleaned regularly 4, fixing a condenser every 3 months: For the compressor as the wind cooling, it is necessary to regularly repair the condenser and remove the dust to ensure that the ventilation heat performance is continuous; The machine is water-cooled, and in addition to ensuring the water pressure and the inlet temperature, it is necessary to ensure the corresponding flow. It is regularly cleanssed in the condenser to obtain the continuous heat transfer performance

    5 When the long-term stop is not used, the product should be energized every half month. The power transmission time is not less than 1 hour

    Environmental test chamber

    is an important one to improve the quality One of the equipment used, it is also more frequent, so I suggest that everyone should maintain maintenance during use, extend the life. (Tips: It is recommended to check the protection measures before each test)

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