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What are the functions and characteristics of the xenon measuring climate test chamber?


    The light source of the xenon lamp weather test chamber

    is considered to be a light source that simulates the full sun spectrum, and the ultraviolet wavelength containing short than the solar radiation in the xenon lamp can be filtered out by the filter. Currently using xenon lamps are used to perform artificial accelerated aging tests that have become a general purpose photocondensing test method. In addition, the xenon light source can also realize the intensity, temperature and light-free / dark period and the humidity of the microcontrol, simulation and strengthen the light, heat, air, temperature, humidity and rainfall of the polymer material in the natural climate. Environmental factors, quickly simulate the daylight exposure effect of different climates, resulting in weather resistance of approximately natural climate. First, the product main function: 1, full-spectrum lamp; 2, a variety of selected filtration systems; 3, water spray function; 4, relative humidity control; 5, test box air temperature control system; 6, irregular shape Plate products, convenient placement products; 7, xénon


    of the United States *; 8. Installation is easy to use and basically does not require daily maintenance characteristics; 9, xenon The service life depends on the level of radiation illuminance used, and the life tube has a life of 1600 hours. The lamp replacement is convenient and quick, and the long-acting filter provides guarantees to maintain the desired spectrum; 10, new air-cooled technology xenon lamp, solve the problem of high temperature-cooling xenon cooling method, users replace the lamp, easy and convenient maintenance . Second, the main feature of the equipment: 1, ventilation cooling device: Test box temperature ventilation cooling system automatically controls the temperature controller, the cooling system is cooled in the box; 2, Xenon lamp weather test chamber Control the blackboard thermometer Transmission technology, effectively improves control accuracy; Device: In order to record each test working time, the device is provided with a timer on the operator panel, and the device time can be controlled. The timing end device is automatically turned off; 6, the protection device: In order to make the xenon arc lamp function properly, not damage The door is automatically extinguished, and the protection facilities are stopped from the whole machine.
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