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QUV UV aging test chamber


QUV UV aging test chamber Product details Details

QUV / BASIC UV aging test box

QUV / BASIC UV accelerated aging box can reproduce sunlight, Damage caused by rain and dew. Within a few days or weeks, the QUV / BASIC UV aging test chamber can reproduce the damage of several months or years. Simulated outdoor age. The QUV / BASIC UV aging test chamber exposes the material to alternately cycled UV light, controlled humidity and high temperature environments. It uses special fluorescent ultraviolet tubes to simulate sunlight. Dew and rainwater are simulated by cold coagulation and / or water spray. The QUV / BASIC UV aging test box is the simplest, most reliable, and most easy to use. The QUV / BASIC UV aging test chamber used around the world has a gap, which is the world's most widely aging test equipment.

All QUV UV aging test chambers can accurately control the temperature To increase accuracy and acceleration test processes. Although temperature usually does not affect the main photochemical reactions, it will affect the speed of any follow-up reaction. Therefore, the temperature control capability of the QUV ultraviolet aging test chamber is essential when ultraviolet exposure test.

Multipurpose Samples Mount

The standard sample holder can be adjusted to be any thickness, up to 20 mm (3/4 inches) and allow quick to install samples. The protective ring can take a good sample, and do not need to cut the test sample to the range of close to the accommodation. In addition, custom brackets can be installed in various products, such as lenses, large samples, and 3D components.

Control and Optional Software

OBJECTIVE is to make function settings and use easier, QUV UV aging test chamber controllers include complete self-diagnostic error checks. The controller continuously monitors the status and performance of all systems. If necessary, it also shows simple warning information, regular service reminders or safety shutdown.

The quality system requires a certificate of testing conditions, so each QUV UV aging test chamber is equipped with an Ethernet connection. Optional Virtual Belt PC software allows users to automatically record exposure conditions and directly transmit data directly from the QUV UV aging test box to a Windows-based computer. Data can also be sent directly to the QS-lab Technical Support through email to seek expert diagnosis and exclude failures.

QUV / BASIC Product Advantage

Thisthe basic model of the laboratory QUV UV aging test chamber based on economics.

This QUV / BASIC model is fluorescentLight Ultraviolet lamp and condensation system simulate light and moisture. However, this model does not include Solar Eye solar eye irradiation control. Therefore, the intensity of light cannot be adjusted or calibrated. This means that the QUV / BASIC UV aging test box cannot be used for high irradiation conditions. In addition, you need to regularly replace the lamp positioning to adjust the lamp position.

QS-lab recommends that the QUV / BASIC-type UV aging test chamber can be exposed to test samples and control samples in the same test machine during exposure.

QUV / BASIC Optional Accessories

Multipurpose Sample Mount

The standard sample holder can be adjusted according to different thicknesses, the maximum thickness is 20mm (3/4 inches), And facilitate fast sample installation. The snap ring can be compressed well, and it is not necessary to cut the test sample to the approach to accommodation. In addition, special brackets can be installed in various products such as lenses, large samples, and 3D components. There is also a sample bottle fixture, textile fixture and sample installation.

Pure water purification system (QUV / only spray)

In order to significantly reduce the operating cost of the water sprinkler system, the water sprinkler system, QS-lab provides an optional pure water purification system that allows reuse sprayed water, which will be directly discharged into the sewer.

Save space frame

In a narrow laboratory, it is possible to store QUV / BASIC ultraviolet aging test chambers to two layers in a small laboratory.

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