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Artificial climate temper box


Artificial Climate Solar Box Product Details Details

QS-lab Xe-3 Artificial Climate Mechanism is a full-featured light stability, color fastness and light resistance test chamber, and price Very reasonable. It uses three independent xenon lamp tubes. QS-lab Xe-3 Artificial Climate Metallic Template The sliding sample bracket size is 451mm x 718mm, which is very convenient when exposed stereo parts or most parts. All QS-lab Xe-3 artificial climate model


The boxes provide humidity control, and can also be selected from spray, double spray, back spray and low temperature function.

More real xenon lamp

QS-lab Xe-3 Artificial climate mimetic tube is provided with the most authentic full-spectral sun light, but also controls the temperature of the blackboard temperature and in the box. Air temperature. Sample mounting and optional spraying and double spraying of xenon arc test chamber provide the most authentic wet simulation. The XE-3 test chamber is also the only artificial climate molding box that provides a double spray option, which can spray the second liquid (such as acid rain) to the test sample. It is also possible to select the cooling machine low temperature application.

Universal sample installation

QS-lab Xe-3 Artificial climate mounting tablet mount tray gives a variety of sizes, sample testing of multiple shapes provides flexibility. Sample holders have a variety of sizes to accommodate traditional flat samples such as boards and blocks; 3D samples, such as bottles, tubes, cosmetics, golf, etc., can be placed directly onto the sample tray, or put on a special bracket . Adjustable brackets can be loaded with three-dimensional parts, so the top of the component should be highly contiguous with the normal sample tray. Up to 55 samples of 51mm x 102mm size can be placed.

Easy to use

QS-lab XE-3 artificial climate mount box installation is convenient (requiring appropriate ventilation). Easy to use and maintain maintenance. Unique sliding out tray design sample installation and evaluation is fast and convenient. The XE-3 test chamber is fully automated and operated continuously, which is uninterrupted. Other features include:

Easy to operate user interface, five optional languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian or German.

Built-in Ethernet connection, convenient data record

Machine self-diagnosis warning and reminder service

Get a patented AutoCal calibration system makes calibration fast and convenient

Rapid results

The product exposed outdoors, the maximum light intensity of the direct illumination of the sun is only a few hours per day. QS-lab Xe-3 Artificial Climate Mechanism allows test samples being equivalent toSummer is the sunlight of the sun, 24 hours a day, every day. Therefore, the sample can be quickly aging.

The QS-lab Xe-3 Artificial Climate Analog Box has created a breakthrough cost-effective in low purchase price, low lamp prices and low operating costs. Now, even the smallest laboratory can also afford to perform xenon arc testing.

Each model of artificial climate simulation box

QS-lab Xe-3-H: full-spectral sun light, with humidity control

QS-lab Xe-3-HS: Full spectral sun light, with humidity control and spray

QS-lab Xe-3-HDS: full-spectral sun light, with humidity control and double spray

QS-lab Xe-3 -HBS: Full Spectrum Solar, Humidity Control and Back Spray

QS-lab Xe-3-HC: Full Spectrum Solar, Humidity Control and Refrigerator

QS-lab Xe -3-HSC: Full spectral sunlight, humidity control, spray and refrigerator

QS-lab Xe-3 artificial climate emulation box through pure water spray option to simulate an invasion of outdoor rain. Two nozzles are located at the top of the box. Spray can be done in a circular cycle of dark or light. Please note that the normal operation of XE-3 with water spray must be purified.

Back spray options artificial climate mimetic box (model XE-3-BS)

back spray can be used in XE-3 test boxes, but also Some SAE test standards are required; it can spray water while spraying the front and back of the sample. Note that the normal operation of XE-3 with back spray must be purified.

Double Spray Options Artificial Climate Analog Box (Model XE-3-DS)

Double spray can be used in the XE-3 test chamber. A second liquid (such as acid rain or soap liquid) can be sprayed onto the test sample. Large external pools, centrifugal pumps and filters will be connected to the XE-3 test chamber next to the portable car.

Artificial Climate Analog Box (Model Xe-3-HSC) for low temperature test

Some indoor products, such as medicines and cosmetics, must use low exposure temperature to prevent it A nonsense aging occurs. When testing such a thermal sensitive material, the XE-3 test box with a refrigerator can be used to meet the requirements for low temperature. Due to the refrigerator, QS-lab Xe-3 artificial climate mount can operate at 31 ° C -120 ° C and 50% relative humidity, depending on the type of sensor, irradiation strength, filter type, lamp tube The use time and the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. XE-3 refrigerator supports full size XE-3 tester and is equipped with wheels to facilitateShift.


Selecting a filter to simulate a variety of environments including direct sunlight and sunlight through the glass window. The performance of the QS-lab filter does not decrease as the use time is increased, so there is no need to replace the filter under normal operation. The only exception is a Window-IR filter that requires regular replacement. All models of QS-lab Xe-3 use three pieces of filters. See the selection of the LX-5060 - QS-lab filter.

Solar Eye Sun Eye Amount Control

Solar Eye Sun Eye Amount Control System Monitor and control the output of the lights, this Ensure precise exposure and repeatable test results. The irradiance can be controlled at 340 nm, 420 nm or TUV (total UV). See the LX-5000 - QS-lab XUN XE-1, XE-2 and XE-3 manuals.

Control and optional software

QS-lab Xe-3 artificial climate mounted box controller power is powerful and easy to use, support five optional language programming (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German), and includes a complete self-checking error. If necessary, it also shows simple warning information, regular service reminders or safety shutdown.

The quality system requires a certificate document for test conditions, so each QS-lab test machine is equipped with an Ethernet connection. Optional Virtual Belt PC software allows the user to automatically record exposure conditions and direct data from the QS-lab test machine to a Windows-based computers. Data can also be sent directly to the QS-lab Technical Support through email to seek expert diagnosis and exclude failures.

Test box type: flat artificial climate simulation box

Sample capacity: 55

Try Profile angle: 10 °

3D samples can be installed: standard

full-spectroscopy xylulfur light: 3

Long-acting filter: standard

[ Solar Eye Removal Control (340 nm, 420 nm or TUV): Standard

Blackboard Temperature Control: Standard

Box Air Temperature Control: Option ]

Relative humidity control: standard

Automatic calibration: standard

can be controlled spray function: optional

CR20 irradiance calibrator: optional

CT202 blackboard thermometer calibrator: optional

Pure water re-purification system: optional

refrigerator: optional

immersion suite: optional

Double spray: optional

Back spray: optional

QS-lab China designated agent, won for 30 consecutive yearsOutstanding Contribution Award

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