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Sun light aging test chamber


Sunlight aging test chamber Product details Details

The product failure loss caused by light, high temperature and moisture is huge. These failures include: fading, discoloration, strength, cracking, crack, embrittlement, and loss of light. For direct exposure to direct sunlight, the material is particularly easily aging. The Q-sun solar aging test chamber uses a full-spectral xenon arc tube, which can be used to accelerate the aging agents caused by products in the natural environment due to light and thermal reactions.

For a few days or weeks, the QS-lab sunlight aging test chamber can obtain an aging environment for several months or even years in the outdoor environment.

Irradiation Control

The sun eye radial illuminance control system can continuously monitor and exactly maintain the set irradiance by adjusting the tube output.

Wet control

The water spray cycle of the QS-lab solar aging test chamber is particularly useful for the thermal impact and stress corrosion of the test material. And the spray cycle can be set by the program.

QS-lab Solar Aging Test Box Solar Filter Selection


Solar Optimization Test Chamber

Summary Filter Generated Spectral Summary Spectral Regularly identical and compliant with ISO 4892, ISO 11341, ASTM G155, SAE J1960, and SAE J2527 and other standards to spectroscopy. Such filters are commonly used for outdoor materials.

QS-lab Solar aging test chamber DAYLIGHT - Q filter

The nominal cutoff of DayLight-q is 295 nm, which is the most spectrum with direct sunlight Agree. This filter is best suited to simulate nature exposure outdoors.

Q-sun solar aging test chamber DAYLIGHT - B / B filter

The nominal cutoff wavelength of DAYLIGHT-B / B is 290 nm. This filter is recommended when compared to certain rotary drum xénon lamp test chambers.

Q-sun solar aging test chamber UV extension filter

Q-sun solar aging test chamber UV extension filter can produce more than natural light wavelength cutoff Short ultraviolet rays. Such filters are usually used to make faster aging tests than sunlight. They can also be used to simulate space light environments other than surfaces.

Q-sun solar aging test box window glass filter

In order to test the aging, development of indoor materialsThe window glass filter produced is similar to the spectrum of the sun through the window glass. Due to the factors such as the transmissions of the spectroscopy, a variety of different window glass filters are required to meet different needs.

The spectrum of the glass filter through the QS-lab solar aging test box glass filter also contains most of the wavelength ranges of the spectrum generated by various artificial light sources (such as cold white fluorescent lamps), which is also applicable Most indoor product tests.

QS-lab Solar Old Test Box WINDOW - Q Filter

Single-strength single layer generated by the filters The effect of the window glass is the same. This filter meets the requirements of ASTM and most ISO test methods. The nominal spectrum cutoff of Window-Q is 310 nm.

QS-lab Solar Aging Test Chamber WINDOW - B / SL Filter

This filter transmittance is slightly high, and more spectrum produces more Short-wave ultraviolet light. The Window-B / SL spectrum cutoff is 300 nm. Such filters meet AATCC TM16-3.

Long life tube Usually the life of the lamp is 1500 hours. QS-lab Xe-1 Solar aging test box uses a lamp, XE-3 sunlight aging test chamber uses three lamps. The new B02 is also only one lamp. The air-cooled xenon arc lamp of the solar aging tester greatly reduces the cost of operation and maintenance. The replacement of the lamp is quickly, simple, does not affect the test of the sample.

X-6500 Water-cooled xenon lamp

Water-cooled xenon lamp tube can be installed on ATLAS Weather-OmetersTM CI35, CI35A, CI65, CI65A, and CI4000 and other models, its output spectrum It is basically consistent with the original lamp tube.

X-12000 12000 W Water-cooled xenon lamp

X-12000 Water-cooled xenon lamp lamp can be mounted on the device of the Atlas Weather-OmetersTM Ci5000. The xenon arc tube is widely compliant with ISO, ASTM, SAE, and AATCC standards.
Compliance (part)

AATCCTM 16, AATCCTM 169, AATCCTM 169, AATM C 1442, ASTM D 2565, ASTM D 3424, ASTM D 4303, ASTM D 4355, ASTMD 4434, ASTM D 4459, ASTM D 4798, ASTM D 5071, ASTM D 6551, ASTM G155, ISO 105 B02, ISO 4892-2, SAE J2412, SAE J2527.
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Machine calibration

The operator uses the QS-lab solar aging test box irradiance to calibrate the sun eye radial illuminance control system. The AutoCal patent system automatically allows the calibration data to enter the controller to avoid people-oriented operation and expensive on-site service fees. It is recommended to regularly calibrate to comply with ISO requirements.

QS-lab China designated qualified honor

Agent, won the outstanding contribution prize for 30 consecutive years

Technical service

1, after-sales service support

Installing environmental survey: Wengkair Arrange professional and technical personnel to go to the door, according to different product needs, propose installation requirements such as electricity, water supply and exhaust, our company issued a picture and preparation preparation instruction manual;

Product free installation: customer installation After the conditions have, we promised the province for a week, the province's two weeks were installed;

Product operation training: After the product installation is completed, Wengkaire will arrange professional and technical personnel will conduct comprehensive training for customers. Including the basic structure, working principle, daily operation, maintenance and maintenance and basic maintenance;

telephone follow-up: Regular phone contact customer, understand the machine usage, guide daily maintenance, promptly remind the instrument calibration;

1 product provides a year free warranty, product warranty period repair, our company promises to respond 3 hours phone response, timely diagnosis, determination Solution; if the phone cannot solve and belong to emergency failure, our company promises to deal with special people within 48 hours; non-consumables are damaged due to quality causes (by fire, flood, flood, magnetoelectric string, etc. Except for damage caused by damage), our company promises to replace free new parts;

2 Repair of product warranty Unable to solve and approve the payment of the door, our company promises to solve the province's first-week, customer assignment accessories;

Lifelong technical consultation: Customers enjoy 24 hours free technical consultation.

4, professionals are equipped with

Our company promised at least 5 professional engineers, engineers accepted each yearThe original manufacturer's maintenance technology training, and through the corresponding exam.

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