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Aging test chamber


Aging test box product details Details

The product loss caused by light, high temperature and moisture is reached from billion US dollars. The products are cracking, powdering, atomization, fading, and yellow-class, indoors and outdoors. QS-lab xenon lamp aging test chamber can simulate full-spectral sunlight, high temperature and moisture damage, can reproduce the age or even years of aging effects in a few days or weeks.

QS-lab xenon lamp aging test chamber adopts a xenon arc lamp that simulates full-sun-sugle spectroscopy to reproduce the destructive optical waves in different environments, which can provide corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration for scientific research, product development and quality control. test.

● Can be selected from water spray, acid rain , Refrigeration device

● Many criteria, cost-effective highlight

● Full-function vertical machine, 3 lamp tube

● Operation, convenient maintenance

● Sample disk size 451mm * 718mm

aging test box light recycle

For many materials, it is necessary to expose to full-spectral light sources to provide accurate daylight. Simulation, especially the color and light resistance of the material

. The QS-lab Xunon lamp aging test chamber provides the most authentic simulated full-spectral sun, including ultraviolet, visible light and infrared.

Long life tube Lab

Usually the life of the lamp is 1500 hours. QS-lab Xe-1 xenon lamp aging test box model uses a lamp, XE-3 model uses three lamps. The new B02 is also only one lamp. QS-lab's air-cooled xenon arc lamp greatly reduces operating costs and maintenance costs. The replacement of the lamp is quickly, simple, does not affect the test of the sample.

Full spectral sunlight

QS-lab xenon lamp test box uses air-cooled xenon arc lamps, significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs. The service life of the lamp provides 1500 hours warranty. QS-lab Xe-1 and XE-2 model use a lamp, and the XE-3 model uses three lamps.

Replacing the lamp is quick and easy and does not affect the sample test. For XE-1 and XE-3 models, replace the lamp only need to unplug the plug, release a fixed screw, and slide out the lamp cover. For Xe-2, the lamp can be easily replaced from the top of the test chamber. When replacing, the user simply opens the inspection door, releases a fixed screw, remove the trigger electrode. The lamp can then be removed from the test chamber and the lamp cover.

Light glass filter:

The xenon arc light source must be filtered to obtain a spectrum of specific needs. The difference in spectra may affect the speed and type of sample aging. Test chamber is equipped with three types of filters to simulate a variety of use environments of samples. The selection of the filters depends on the specific application and test method. The QS-lab Xunon aging test box filter is particularly durable, usually with minimal maintenance under conditions.

The filter of QS-lab Xe-1 and XE-3 xenon lamp aging test chamber consists of a special single piece of glass. The filter of the QS-lab Xe-2 xenon lamp aging test chamber consists of a borosilica glass or quartz glass outer filter and two groups of inner filters, and the upper and lower groups of the inner filter are arranged in seven-sided.

xenon lamp aging The choice of the test chamber and the ultraviolet aging test chamber

The test principle of the two detection devices is completely different. Xenon lamp test chamber simulates all spectroscopy of sunlight, including ultraviolet (UV), visible light and infrared (IR). The xenon spectrum is basically in the range of the sunlight spectrum in the range of 295 nm to 800 nm.

On the other hand, the QUV cannot simulate full spectral sunlight. It is based on the principle that the short-band 300 to 400 nm of ultraviolet rays is the most important cause of aging damage. However, there will be no power for a long wavelength.

QS-lab xenon lamp aging test chamber simulates all the spectrum of sunlight, which is used to test many products, which are more sensitive to long-wave bands, visible light and infrared rays of ultraviolet rays.

Of course, regardless of how the test device is effective, if its purchase price is too high, then it does not actually apply value. That's why buy prices, operating costs, and maintenance costs are some important factors that cannot be ignored. These factors should also be considered when considering the advantages of a testing device.

QS-lab China designated agent, won the outstanding contribution prize for 30 consecutive years

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After the customer installation conditions are there, our company promises the province for a week, and the province will be installed at the door;

Product Operational training: product installationAfter that, Wen Kal will arrange professional and technical personnel to conduct comprehensive training for customers, including the basic structure, working principle, daily operation, maintenance and maintenance and basic maintenance;

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1 Products provide a year free warranty During the product warranty period, our company promises 3 hours of telephone response, timely diagnosis, determination of the solution; Damaged accessories (except for damage to fire, flood, flood, magnetoelectric string, etc.) Committed to 3 hours phone response, timely identify the problem, give the next method of troubleshooting instructions; if the phone cannot solve the payment, our company promises the province's first door to resolve, customer assignment accessories cost;

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