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What testing equipment is needed in the car seat -qinsun


With the improvement of people's appearance and technical requirements, all parts of the car are constantly changing. The car seat is mainly due to comfort. The basic structure has not changed much. a huge change occured. At the same time, people's quality requirements for car seats have also been improved, so they must ensure the quality of car seats while improving the technology of car seats. So what inspection instruments are needed for car seats?

1. HD-E810 formaldehyde test box : Study VOC detection and comprehensive evaluation in abnormal complicated states such as furniture, car seats ]


HD-R808 flame retardant test box : Test fabric flame retardant, sponge flame retardantity

HD-F743 seat structure strength test machine

: Realize the strength test of the car seat limiter; realize the back seat back strength test; realize the strength test of the car seat limiter; realize the back life test of the car seat; realize the car seat back static rigidity test 123 ] 4. HD-E808 salt fog test box

: salt fog corrosion test of the salt and fog corrosion test, electroplating, and metal materials of automobile parts

5. ] HD-B615 series material tension test machine : It is suitable for physical performance tests such as stretching, compression, bending, cutting, tearing, and peeling of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products

6 . HD-F754 sponge fall back test machine : Test standards are suitable for determining soft polyurethane foam plastic. Test box

: In the case of changes in high and low temperature circulation, the performance indicators of various performance indicators

8. HD-E711 aging test box

: Applicable to non-metallic materials and materials and The aging turtle cracking experiment of rubber products simulates the aging test of the full spectrum of sunlight.

9. HD-R601 Ball impact test machine

: Measure the impact intensity of plastic and other materials

10. HD-U806 three-coordinate measuring instrument [ : Applicated to product design, mold equipment, workplace fixture

11. HD-R804 melt flow rate meter : Suitable for polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS resin , Polytealdehyde resin, polycarbonate, nylon, fluorine plastic and other high polymer plastic raw materials for melting at high temperature melt index.

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