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The association of ultraviolet aging test box and natural aging -qinsun


Ultraviolet aging test boxes are applicable to the aging test of non -metaphysical materials and the aging of artificial light sources. The purpose of exposing materials to artificial climate or artificial radiation is to simulate the aging process of experimenting under the experiment under the coverage of glass coverage in the laboratory.

The aging process under the aging of natural climate cannot be expected to have their relationship with each other. Thisbecause there are many factors that affect the aging process. Only important parameters that cause aging (the entire spectrum optical chemical function of the relevant part is announced, the samples are temperature, wet type and wetting cycle, and relative humidity) are the same or these parameter coating. Only to expect their relationship.

Ultraviolet aging test cases only need to strictly abide by the specified test conditions. The reproduction of the result can be improved. And the conformity between natural climate aging and artificial climate aging can also be improved. The coating of the coating is used for the aging of the coating or exposed artificial radiation with the light arc light of the light filter. The purpose is to expose the radiation energy H. Selected a certain degree of changes in performance or a certain degree of aging exposure. Select the important performance of ZUI when the coating is used. It can compare the exposure coating with the performance of the unre exposed coating (comparison sample). Or the performance contrast of the known exposure coating (reference to the sample) in other aging states that test in the exposure device at the same time.

During natural climate aging. Solar radiation is the cause of the old coating. The radiation principle of (sun) exposed under the glass plate is the same. Therefore, it is particularly important to simulate this parameter for artificial climate aging and artificial radiation. Different filtering systems can change the radiation spectral division generated by different filtering systems that can be changed, which can simulate solar radiation (method 1) and solar radiation (method 2) with 3mm thick window glass. The spectral division.

The two spectral energy distribution describes the drain value and allowable deviation of the radiating of the filtered light radiating at 400mm in ultraviolet light range of 400mm. In addition, GIE NO 85: 1989 has a radical standard of 800mm (see Appendix B). Within this range, the arc radiation can better simulate solar radiation.

During the test in the exposure device, due to the aging of the arc lamp and the filter system, the radical E may change. This change occurs especially on the influence of the optical chemistry of the polymer material ZUI. Therefore, not only the exposure time is required. In addition, it is necessary to measure the wavelength range below 400mm or exposed radiation energy H at 340mm at the specified wavelength, and use these values as the reference value of the coating aging.

The simulation climate is impossible for every aspect of the coating. Therefore, in this standard, the ultraviolet light resistance test box uses the term of artificial climate to distinguish the natural climate aging. Calculate the solar radiation test simulated by glass filteringExposure for artificial radiation.

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