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What are the standards for judging the quality of the carton? -Qinsun


1. Whether the outer box is abnormal (whether the carton is damaged or deformed, whether the product is damaged or deforms); whether the outer box is vertically (or noodles) vertically (or noodles).

2. The box test adopts the method of attachment to see if the bottom layer is abnormal (deformation, cracking, the product top carton, the sealing belt collapse, and the product is damaged).

3. Open the lid and flip the 270 degrees, and then re -row 3 times.

4. The water content of the tile carton is 12%plusmn; 4 (whether the feel is humid).

5. The text and patterns are clear and correct, the depth is consistent, and the position is correct.

6. The color box weighs according to the size of the size. The color box printing should be clear and bright, and the pattern is consistent with the product.

7. The glue used is a starch adhesive.

8. The carton cannot be nailed.

9. The carton is not allowed to use the packing belt.

10. The width of the sealing band is generally not less than 6cm.

11. If necessary, fill the filling (block, pad, base, etc.) in the outer box to make the product in a stable state in the box in all directions of the outer box.

12. The carton should avoid rain, exposure, moisture and pollution during transportation and storage.

Attachment: Carton -resistant pressure resistance

The carton requires a certain amount of pressure resistance, because the packaging of the zUI low -level carton during the storage and transportation process is pressured by the upper carton. In order not to collapse, it must have a suitable pressure resistance strength. The detection instrument is: the cardboard box resistance strength test machine, the resistance strength of the carton is calculated with the following formulas:

p kw (n-1) [

In the formula, P ---- Carton box resistance strength

W ---- Character weight after loading

N ---- The number of stacked layers

K ---- Stacking security factor

The number of stacked layers n finds the height H and a single carton height H, n h/h

13. Double double Corrugated (5th layer) Each layer per square gram weight and paper requirements:

1st layer (noodle paper) 175g/㎡ domestic kraft paper*

3rd layer (intermediate mezzanine) 150g// ㎡ domestic cowhide paper*

layer 5 (container) 150g/㎡ domestic kraft paper*

2/4 layer (corrugated layer) 100g/㎡ high corrugated

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