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The working principle of the tension test machine -qinsun


Due to the different application of the industry, the tensile test machine is also different, such as: rubber tensile machine, test machine, plastic tensile machine, metal tensile machine, electronic tensile machine, electric wire and cable tensile machine, impact test machine, test machine, etc. The functional principles of tensile test machines are the same. Let me introduce its working principles.

1. The measurement of the force value of the tensile test machine is to complete the measurement by measuring force sensor, enlarged and data disposal system.

Under the premise of small deformation, a certain point of the elastic element epsilon; proportional to the force of elastic element, and proportional to the elastic change. Taking the S -type test machine sensor as an example, when the sensor is effectively effectively, the appearance of the elastic element has a strain film, and because the elastic component's strain and the meticulous proportion of the external force P will be , Can be measured by the output voltage, and then measure the fineness of the force.

The measuring measurement of deformation is measured by variable measurement measurement. It is used to measure the deformation of the sample in the experimental process.

The installation has two chip, which is connected to the photoelectric encoder that is installed and installed at the top of the measuring installation through a biographical idea. When the interval between the two clips changes When the shaft is reversed, the photoelectric encoder will have a pulse flag lamp output. The disposal of the flag lamp by the disposal device can draw the deformation of the sample.

Third, the measurement of the beam displacement is roughly the same as the deformation measurement, all of which are measured by measuring the output pulse of the photoelectric encoder to obtain the displacement of the beam.

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