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Detailed explanation of the dehumidification and humidification system of constant temperature and h


I believe that everyone knows about the constant temperature and humidity box. Its temperature system has two subsystems, which are the two subsystems of humidification and dehumidification, and the humidification is generally used. Moisturizing. It uses this method to humidify its fast speed, and the moisturizing control is more sensitive, especially when cooling can be achieved well. But everyone may not know these contents:

There are two types of dehumidification of constant temperature and humidity test box, mechanical refrigeration, dehumidification and dry dehumidification. The so -called mechanical refrigeration principle is to cool the air below the dew point temperature, so that the water vapor condensation greater than saturated is condensed, which reduces the humidity. The dryer uses the air pump to pull out the air in the test box, and injects the dry air. At the same time, the wet air is sent to the drying of recycled use for drying. After drying, it is sent to the test box. Essence

The humidification system of the constant temperature and humidity test box is roughly the same as the heating system; it is the heater heating water becomes the steam process; the purpose of humidification is completed. The humidification system is also completed by the refrigeration system, and the evaporator is placed in the device; the high moisture gases meet the cold objects to condense into liquid; the high humidity of this repeated box will be very small, so as to achieve the purpose of moisture reduction.

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