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Why does it need to detect the instrument in the non -drying industry -qinsun


Daily use of unprocessed tapes, electrical tapes, rubber gums and other non -dry gels and tapes used in packaging, printing, automotive, home appliances, electronics, medical, aviation, construction, telecommunications equipment and other industries are widely used. Once the stickiness is unqualified, it will affect the relevant applications and affect the production and development of the adhesive belt industry. How to make the adhesive band sticky and in line with the application of various industries? This requires testing its stickiness.

In order to regulate the initial viscosity of the tape, the GB/T4852 Pressure Adhesive Bands (Rolling Method) and GB/T 4851 adhesive band -holding test method were promulgated , Dipping Power Test Standard GB/T 7122 related documents, specifically introduced how to detect the initial viscosity and adhesive test method of pressure -sensitive tape.

Tape -tape performance elements are reflected by the three elements of tape with adhesion, initial adhesion, and maintaining force.

Adhesive force (stripping force): refers to the force required when the tape is attached to the adhesive, and then stripped the tape at a certain speed.

The working principle of its working principle is: use the peeling test machine to make 90 degrees or 180 degrees, so that the pressure -sensitive adhesive band to generate a specific rupture rate needed to the adhesive material.

Primary adhesion: refers to the ease of ease of the tape and the adhesive bonding in a short period of time and a short period of time.

Its working principle: The sticky noodles that are rolled over a steel ball over the tilt plate, and the zUI large steel ball size that can be stuck according to the viscosity surface of the specified length can evaluate its initial stickiness size ; Or a steel ball that specifies the size of the size over the tilting slot, and measure the distance between the sticky surface of the adhesive belt on the horizon to evaluate its initial stickiness.

Keep power: refers to the internal agglomeration strength of the glue, reflects the stability after the tape paste, and the tape displacement.

Its working principle: Hanging the test board with adhesive test plate vertically on the test rack, the lower end suspension specifies the weight of the weight. The time that is completely separated to express the ability of glue adhesion to resist pulling off.

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