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How to test shoe material with tension test machine -qinsun


Any part of the shoe material such as: sole, heels, upper, etc. must be combined with the test of the tensile machine. How does the tension test machine conduct a tensile test on the shoe material? Let me introduce the test method:

] Cut about 3cm at the binding of the bottom of the toe or heels. Use the fixture of the tensile test machine to hold the shoe helper and the sole for the tension test, and test the fixed degree of binding of the bottom of each part of the shoe or shoe. Qinsun tensile machine can configure different fixtures as needed to facilitate testing.

Test steps for the shoe material of the tensile test machine: 1. The upper and soles separated by the tool knife are held in the upper and lower fixtures of the tensile machine. The fixture should be clamped firmly without slipping. 2. Set the separation speed of the tensile test machine folding to 150mm/min plusmn; 20mm/min, and start the stretching test. 3. If the material is torn, the application tool knife cuts the torn material to the bonding place. Be careful not to cut into the tie interface. 4. Record the tension-displacement curve during the entire pulling process. The test results calculation analysismarked on the tensile axis of the tensile displacement curve force, and the stipulated tensile strength value is marked on the tensile axis, and a straight line parallel to the displacement axisdrawn from there. If the tensile-displacement curve is all above the parallel line, or some are part below the parallel line, but rose to the parallel line (including the flat line) within 5mm, calculate the average tension of each peak (including the peak and the valley) on the curve, Delete the valley under equal line when calculating; if the tensile-displacement curve is more than 5mm in a row below the parallel line, the peak values (including the peak and the valley) of the curve below the parallel line are calculated.
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