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What should I do if there is a failure of a cardboard tolerant -qinsun


The broken -resistant instrument is a detection instrument for paper production manufacturers*. Used to test various cardboard and single -layer and multi -layer corrugated cardboard. The usage of the instrument is very simple, but some small problems need to be repaired by the manufacturer, which is another cost. What should I do if there is a fault in the cardboard tolerant? Kunshan qinsun instrument tells you here that there are several common fault solutions for several cardboard piercing instruments.

Common fault solutions for cardboard tolerant.

1. The test value is inaccurate or small

The main reason is that the air in the cylinder is not excluded and the oil pressure rises. The solution is as follows:

1. Spin pine oil cup bolt.

2. Press the rubber film a few times. If there is air, bubbles will emerge from the oil cup.

3. Press and hold the rubber film for about ten seconds. After the air is exhausted, the bolt is tightened.

4. If you can not reach the ideal state if you complete the above 3 points, you can click the reset key, wait for 5 to 10 seconds to wait for the machine to automatically press back, then open the oil cup bolt, and wait for the rubber film to automatically bulge. Repeat the test button to exclude the air.

2. The degree of broken cardboard with a slightly thicker cardboard is less tolerant

General cardboard breakthrough instrument is relatively large, which is suitable for the internal setting of the system. It is suitable for most manufacturers to use If the tested cardboard is thicker, the following methods can be adjusted:

1. Turn off the power switch of the machine.

2. Start the power switch of the machine. At the same time, press the settings key to enter the system settings interface.

3. The time settings displayed on the page, the settings are the shift function, the printing key is the increase, the peak key is the confirmation function, and enter the next interface.

4. The second interface is the time setting page, the point peak key can go to the third page, that is, the breakpoint ratio settings page

5. Paper objects after 20kg, breakpoint ratio after the breakpoint ratio It can meet the rupture requirements to 80. The smaller the proportion of the breakpoint, the larger the cracking value of the sensor, the larger the breakpoint ratio, and the smaller the sensor capture. You can adjust the proportion of breakpoints to about 60, but here you remind customers not to adjust the breakpoint ratio too, which will reduce the life of the rubber film.

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