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What should be paid attention to in the programmable rain test laboratory?


Introduction to Programmable Rain Test Lab<
The programmable rain test room is mainly used for the two levels of IP5X and IP6X testing specified in the enclosure protection standard, and is suitable for various automotive parts dustproofing and dust resistance test, the test components include car lamps, gauges, electric dust covers, control systems, door locks, etc., and test the tightness of the products.

1.Programmable rain test lab
Programmable Shower Rain Test Lab
a.Test item: Test Ra: dripping water, artificially simulated rainfall method to test to prove the waterproof level of the sample.

Test Rb: Rinsing water, high-intensity jet water, which impacts the tested sample with a certain pressure to verify the watertight level of the sample.

Programmable rain test lab
2. The drip tray must be able to provide a uniform drip field with a rain intensity of 200~300mm/h.

3. The subThe first part of the drip tray should be twice the size of the bottom of the sample and the distance from the bottom of the drip tray to the top of the sample should be between 0.2 and 2 m.

4. The base area of ​​the sample mounting device must be smaller than the base area of ​​the sample and must be able to support the mounting device. to the vertical plane.

Test Rb2: The hand sprayer is a nozzle with a spray angle of 78° and a balanced movable baffle that can limit the spray cone to 30° from the horizontal Composition, the nozzle pressure is 80 ~ 100kpa. The water flow rate is 10 ± 0.5 l/min.

4. Operating temperature range: During the test, the temperature in the test room is 25 ± 5°C. (The water temperature is lower than 20°C)

*PS. Ambient temperature and humidity Conditions: Temperature 25±5°C. Humidity 65±10%.

5. Test bench: The supporting table for installing the sample must have holesto prevent it from acting as a water barrier.

6. Test time: 0 ~ 999.9 min (max.)

Programmable rain test roomRequirements:

a. It must have a good seal.

b. There is an observation window for easy observation.

c. The fixed hub of the prototype is firm and flat, and there is a drainage groove around the fixed surface to make the drainage smooth.

d. There is a lifting trolley, the test prototype is placed on the lifting trolley, directly enters the indoor test position, and the lifting trolley can be fixed to ensure the normal detection of the experimental machine.

e. Use clean tap water. To prevent clogging of the nozzle, the water must be filtered.

Programmable Rain Test Lab
a. Drip tray: inner size - 1600 × 900 × 150mm (W × D × H) x1.

Material used -stainless steel and copper sheet products, additional water level adjustment additional water tank x1 group.

Manual sprinkler: According to the specifications and demonstration drawings of GB2423.38 and GB4208-93, x4 pieces are manufactured and installed on four sides.

b. Pressurized water circulator equipment: stainless steel products, auxiliary flushing nozzles, water pressure gauges, flow meters.

c. Controls:

1. No main switch fuse, connectedWith power supply phase loss protection x1 group.

2. Digital microcomputer temperature indicator 0~100℃x1 group.

3. Digital microelectronic brain time controller 0~999.9minx1 group.

4. Pressurized circulating water pump, with start switch indicator light and solenoid switch x1 set.

5. Wapressure gauge: 0~300kpax1.

6. Flow


Flow meter:0~20l/minx1 pc.

d. Safety monitoring system: I. Overload warning of pressurized water pump.

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