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Xenon arc aging test chamber to test the weather resistance of clothing and textiles


Products that are exposed to the natural environment will show serious signs of aging under the influence of sunlight, moisture and heat. Xenon Arc Aging Test Chamber is used to test the weather resistance of products. QINSUN Instruments Co., Ltd. can deliver this. Welcome to customers who need to ask questions.
Whether clothing and fashion materials can retain their original color in the natural environment is a concern of both consumers and manufacturers. The application of certain textiles is extremely demanding, not only that the product must be beautiful enough, but also that the product must have good weather resistance.

We can test textiles for weather resistance for a variety of applications including: Apparel Fabrics, Carpet & Floor Coverings, Military & Industrial Tent Coverings, Curtains, Parachutes, Automotive Interior Materials, Awnings, Polypropylene woven bags, outdoor furniture, geotextiles, etc.
The Xenon Arc Aging Test Chamber is the main instrument and equipment for testing the weather resistance of clothing and fabrics. This has been confirmed by major international standards organizations including ISO and AATCC. In addition to the xenon arc test chamber and the ultraviolet accelerated aging test chamber, it is also located in the laboratory. It is a good choice to simulate outdoor environment for accelerated aging test,


Can be used for long-term outdoor use of textiles weather resistance gender detection test.
The accelerated aging test chamber simulates the damage caused by outdoor sunlight exposure and cold and hot cycle conditions, and can measure a variety of aging conditions, including: fading and discoloration, loss of tensile strength, yellowing, flame retardant decline, infrared absorption or loss of reflectivity.

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