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UVC UV aging test of online workshop materials!New topic in the epidemic period!


UVC ultraviolet rays have been widely studied by their bactericidal properties, and relatively small amounts of UVC ultraviolet rays can kill viruses, bacteria and fungal spores, which is clearly meaningful in the current epidemic. With the wide application of UVGI equipment, this triggered concerns about the degradation of material degradation of ultraviolet irradiation.

When exposed to UVGI equipment, various materials that can withstand natural sun may be poor. More and more people pay attention to where they are often sterilized, daily necessities may fade, yellow, brittle, or other unexpected degradation.

In this free online seminar, QS-lab's technical team will introduce the common methods of testing electronic products adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), especially IEC60068-2- 5 (Sun Radiation Test and Photospection Test Standard). The subject covered by:

☞ Degradation of UVGI / UVC exposure materials

Discusses test standards for UVC UV exposure

Exploring the feasibility of modified UV aging test machines into standardized UVC exposure equipment

Network Seminar Time:

2021 [ July 28 (Wednesday) 10: 00-11: 00


Material UVC UV aging test!

Participation: Network participation, please sweep the QR code

Seminar cost: Free

] Organizer

US QS-lab Company: A global material durability test product supplier. The ultraviolet aging test machine, xenon lamp testing machine, salt spray test machine is currently the highest-ended auditory experimental instrument, especially its QUV is the world's most widely aging test machine. Qinsun is QS-lab in China and Southeast Asia industry distributors.

Qinsun is a designated agent of QS-lab in China and Southeast Asia. Fully support this seminar.

Please sweep the QR code (you can also directly call [400-6808-138], after the registration is successful, you will receive the system Registration success mail, the only participation link in the message, after 9:45 am on July 28 (Thursday), click on the chain to enter the venue. Looking forward to your participation!

QUV / UVC UV aging test box introduction QUV / UVC UV accelerated aging test box is a new model of QSQ-lab launched by the end of 2020.The UVC lamp can emit 254 nm high-strength short-wave UV light, which is much lower than the solar cut-off point.This represents the most common UVC emission for surface disinfection.The UVC lamp will reproduce this harmful irradiance to assess the durability of materials exposed to UVC light.

Click to learn more about QUV / UVC UV aging test box product information

New QUV / UVC UVAccelerated aging test chamber

Novel Gen 4 controller with double touch screen and 8 languages

UVC lampEmit 254 nm light, while the Solar Eye system can accurately monitor the dose of UVC

A variety of security functions prevent UVC stray light

Meet IEC 60335 standard requirements

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