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UV Accelerated Weathering Tester


UV accelerated weathering resistance testing machine is the most widely used accelerated weathering resistance testing machine in the world. There are tens of thousands of QINSUN brand UV accelerated weathering resistance testing machines used all over the world and in various industries. This testing machine uses a special imported UV ultraviolet lamp to simulate the light wave irradiation of sunlight, and simulates the climate of dew and rain by condensation and water spray, and reproduces different climates such as sunlight, rain and water spray and high humidity material aging or damage from comprehensive weather conditions such as condensation and dew formation. Types of damage include discoloration, fading, loss of gloss, chalking, cracking, cracking, smearing, blistering, embrittlement, loss of strength, and oxidation. Widely used in paints, coatings, outdoor color advertising, inks, dyeffen, textiles, automotive interior and exterior parts, plastics, printing and packaging and other industries.

Technical Features:

1. The devices manufactured by QINSUN are designed and manufactured from the perspective of customer product usage with stable performance, easy operation, safety and reliability.

2. The thickness of the test piece can be adjusted, the test piece can be installed quickly and easily, and the test area of ​​the inner box can be adjusted according to the size of the test piece.

3. The flip-up door does not interfere with the user's operation of the device and takes up little space in the laboratory.

4. The condensation system and spray system of the test machine* can meet the requirements with ordinary tap water. The condensation system basically consists of the evaporated water vapor being trapped in the test box by the sample plate of the test box and the airon the back of the sample plate makes the temperature of the sample plate lower than that of the water vapor. and this temperature difference causes the water vapor to condense on the sample plate. During the condensation cycle, the water is heated by the heating element under the water pan and the water vapor fills the test chamber. Equilibrium is reached at 100% humidity. The water vapor continuously condenses on the samples while keeping them cold in the room air behind.

The nozzle of the spray system is installed between the lamp tubes. In the spray cycle, water is sprayed onto the sample to create a thermal shock or erosion effect.

5. The accelerated weather resistance testing machine is equipped with casters, which are easy to move and relocate. The casters are standard accessories, are easy to be damaged in the future, and the initial cost is low.

6. Convenient programming, automaticer alarm in case of incorrect operation and failure and programmable light intensity. Setting method: Chinese menu, touch screen input.

7. Panel Temperature Monitoring: Use the standard Pt-100 panel temperature sensor to precisely control the surface temperature of the sample during the test.

8. Sub-functions: error alarm and cause, processing reminder function, power-off protection function, timing function (auto start and auto stop), self-diagnosis function.

Technical parameters:

Model: LQ-UV1-S-S, LQ-UV3-B-A, LQ-UV3-B-B

Number of lamps: 8 UV lamps, 4 spares

American models ATLAS, UVA340, UVB313 selectable

UV temperature: 50°C-75° C

Condensation temperature: 40°C-60°C

Test capacity: 48pcs (75 x 150mm) This specification is customized for cut samples, non-standard customization will be used for irregularRecommended products

50 pieces (75 x 150 mm)

Water consumption and consumption: distilled water per minute distilled water is 8 liters per day

Volume (WxDxH ): 137x53x136cm

Box body:

1. The box body is formed by CNC machine tools with beautiful and generous shape, and the box cover is two-way flip cover type, easy to use.

2. The inner liner of the box is made of imported high quality stainless steel sheet, and the outer liner of the box is made of A3 steel plate sprayed with plastic, increasing the appearance, texture and cleanliness.

3. The heating method is inner tank tank heating, which has rapid heating and even temperature distribution.

4. The drainage system uses vortex and U-shaped sedimentation devices for drainage, which is convenient for users to clean.

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