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النشرة الإخبارية Test chamber for UV lamps


The UV lamp mentioned in the UV lamp test box is a kind of light source that can generate UV light with a wide effective range. This light source simulates UV light. UV rays in the light are more obvious. However, in ordinary tungsten lamps, there is also near ultraviolet light of about 320 nm within the possible range of glass ultraviolet ray transmittance. If a quartz bulb is used, it can be further. Use a hydrogen lamp or a xenon lamp to get further ultraviolet light, suitable for the range of 400-190nm. In addition, there are helium lamps, krypton lamps, etc. QINSUN company's main products are ultraviolet lamps and xenon lamps, two types of aging box, which are sold well in the industry for testing purposes. Today we mainly talk about the functions, applications and parameters of the UV lamp test box.

1. Function: It has the function of UV light simulations tests, the functional test of spraying water to simulate rainy weather and the heating steam (condensation function), which mainly simulates the function of humidity or dew in the environment.

2. Purpose: This equipment is suitable for plastic products, paint raw materials or products, electroplating products, electronic components, food packaging materials, vehicle shell painted parts, chemicals, building materials and various industrial components are exposed to the sun, sprayed with rain and humidified for gradual change testing, to observe the degree of aging and the effect of the test objects, and to predict in advance the storage or use of various products in the real environment. The adaptability is mainly used in factories, enterprises , research institutes, metrology institutes and other units and companies for testing and quality control.

3. Parameters:

QINSUN brand model: LQ-UV1-S, LQ-UV3-B-A, LQ-UV3-B,

Wavelength range: The UV-A wavelength range is between 320 and 380 nm 


Radiant intensity: adjustable within 0.7W/m2/340nm

Light temperature range: 50°C~60°C/temperature tolerance is ±3°C

Blackboard thermometer measuring range: 30~60°C/tolerance is ±1°C

Radiant humidity range according to test: approx .45%~80%R.H.

Temperature control method: Microcomputer PID self-tuning temperature control method

Temperature resolution: 0.1℃

Condensing temperature range: 40℃~60℃ / Temperature capacity The difference is ±3℃

Humidity range during condensation test: over 95% R.H.

Water tank requirements: the water depth is not greater than 30mm, and there is automatic water supply control

Four. Features:

1. From theUser point of view, the design is easy to use, safe and reliable.

2. The unique condensation system can meet the needs with ordinary tap water.

3. The thickness of the test piece can be adjusted, and the test piece can be installed quickly and easily.

4. The flip-up door does not hinder the user to operate the device and takes up little space.

5. Simple programming, automatic alarm in case of incorrect operation and failure, programmable light intensity.

6. The water heater is located under the tank, which has a long service life without being immersed in water and easy to maintain.

7. The device has casters that are easy to move, and the casters are standard accessories.

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