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Water-cooled high and low temperature test chamber


Scientific research shows that in the real environment, there is an inseparable relationship between temperature and humidity, which is why the air also maintains a relatively stable humidity level under certain temperature conditions. Changes in ambient temperature and humidity affect the performance, failure or aging of industrial products and industrial materials. The high and low temperature aging test chamber is an artificial temperature and humidity test, test and test which type of product is more suitable for which environment, or test its heat resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, and research and development, quality management engineering for testing purposes only .

Water-cooled high and low temperature test chamber is often used for testing andnd experimentation used determine the parameters and performance of various samples of electrical, electronic, electrical and other industrial products and materials for constant temperature, constant humidity, high and low temperature, alternating damp heat or constant damp heat testing in artificial temperature environments for use , display and storage. Suitable for LED, optoelectronics, electrical appliances, communications, electronics, instruments, chemicals, vehicles, plastic products, metals, building materials, medicine, food, aerospace and other quality inspection or research and development products.

Technical parameters of the water-cooled high and low temperature test chamber:

Studio size: 400×500×400 (D×W×H).

External size: 650×1050×1550.

Temperature range: A: 0~150℃; B: -20~150℃; C: -40~150℃.

Humidity range: 20%~ 98%.

Temperature variation: ±0.5℃; Temperature uniformity: ±2.0℃.

Heating rate: 1.0~3.0℃/min; Cooling rate: 0.7~1.2℃/min.

Power supply: single phase AC220power approx .5kw

Execution standard:

The performance indicators meet the requirements of GB5170, 2, 3, 5, 6-2008 Basic parameter verification methods for environmental testing equipment for electrical and electronic products, low temperature, high temperature, constant damp heat, alternating damp heat test equipment.

GJB150.3(ML-STD0-810D) High Temperature Test Method.

GJB150.4 (MIL-STD-810D) Low Temperature Test Method.

GJB150.9-1986 Device environment

GJB4.5-1983 Constant Damp Heat Test for Environmental Tests of Ship Electronic Equipment.

Basic Environmental Test Methods for Electrical and Electronic Products Test A: Low Temperature Test Method GB 2423.1-2008 (IEC68-2-1).

Basic Environmental Test Methods for Electrical and Electronic Products Test B: High temperature test methods GB 2423.2-2008 (IEC68-2-2 ).

Basic environmental test methods for electrical and electronic products : Constant damp heat test methods GB/T 2423.3 -2008 (IEC68-2-3).

Basic Environmental Test Methods for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Da: Changing Humidity Thermal Test Method GB/T423.4-2008 (IEC68-2-30).

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