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النشرة الإخبارية electromagnetic membrane shaker


Electromagnetic Membrane Vibration Table Simulate various vibration environments encountered by new products in the manufacturing, assembly, transportation and use of the execution area to sign the product can withstand the ability of environmental vibration. It is suitable for research, development, quality control and manufacturing in various industries, such as electronics, electromechanical, optoelectronics, automobiles, toys, packaging, etc. It is a testing instrument for you to improve product quality.

Electromagnetic membrane oscillating table is suitable for laboratory testing of electronic products, parts and components, mechanical and electrical products, instruments and gauges and other mechanical environment testing equipment for vibration testing. It is suitable for low-frequency vibration testingof electronic products, components, assemblies, mechanical and electrical products, instruments, etc. Conduct low-frequency vibration tests in accordance with national standards and military standards, simulate vibration occurring during use or transportation, find resonance frequencies, and carry out vibration resistance tests and reliability tests. Assessing the integrity of its structure and the integrity of continuous vibration during transportation. 3) Selection guide: Depending on the weight of the test item (including the clamping device), select the vibrating table with the appropriate load capacity. According to the vibration requirements of the DUT, select devices with different functions, e.g. B. Direction of vibration: vertical/horizontal + vertical.

Technical parameters:

Vibration mode: vertical + horizontal three-axis vibrationn (Vertical: Y axis vibration (top and bottom); Horizontal: X+Z axis vibration (front and back + left and right)

Output waveform: sine wave/half sine wave

Output frequency: adjustable from 2Hz to 60Hz

Load: 70kg

Amplitude: 5mm

Sweep frequency range: 2Hz-60Hz can be set arbitrarily (can be adjusted within 0-5000HZ, please specify when order)

Sweep mode: Linear

Timing: 99H99M99S

Acceleration: 10g

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