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SUNTEST CPS/CPS+ Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

SUNTEST CPS/CPS+ Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

SUNTEST CPS/CPS+ Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber is used to test the response of materials in the environment to long-term light, heat and humidity....

SUNTEST CPS/CPS+ Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber is used to test the response of materials in the environment to long-term light, heat and humidity. The CPS series has always been a widely used desktop xenon lamp aging tester in the world. The easy-to-operate xenon lamp aging tester is suitable for screening new materials used in different environments, such as quality control of materials and components, and routine testing during production. The CPS series can monitor and control the test parameters and ensure the repeatability and reproducibility of the test results. The filtered xenon lamp can accurately and stably simulate sunlight radiation, and the performance does not affect the life of the xenon lamp. The CPS series is suitable for packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biomedicine, printing inks, industrial fabrics, agrochemicals, construction sealants, dental materials and other fields.

main feature:

Test box-Small and medium-sized economical xenon lamp tester in the Suntest series, with an exposure area of ​​560cm2.

Light source-air-cooled xenon lamp, irradiance is controlled at 300-800nm.

Control system-two-line LED display keyboard control system; monitors and controls irradiance and black mark temperature, monitors and displays the temperature of the test box; microprocessor controls all parameters; users can calibrate and adjust irradiance; can store 6 A user preset program, each up to 6 segments.

Support 1500W high-power precision air-cooled xenon lamp tubes, each tube is guaranteed for 1500 hours, and the equipment is equipped with a tube as standard

Maximum exposure area of ​​560 cm2

Direct setting and control of irradiance (300-800nm ​​or 300-400nm/340nm)

Directly set and control the black mark temperature BST

Display the temperature in the box

The control panel displays all control parameters and automatic diagnosis information

Parameter check
Built-in 2 built-in test programs

Support 6 custom test procedures

Multilingual user interface

With desktop design, dimensions: 79cm long x 36cm wide x 36cm high

Static flat sample stage for flat and 3D sample testing

The black mark temperature is controlled by the fan to 45-100 °C (without SunCool cooler)

Long-lasting filter system and reflector that are not prone to aging, coated quartz filter and optional reflector

Automatic countdown function based on irradiation amount or time

Use the basic filter as a carrier for additional optical filters

RS232 data output interface

Software update via internal integrated memory card

Standard configuration:

Air-cooled xenon lamp, test box, general electric configuration that meets the frequency, voltage and electrical requirements of various countries.

Wetting system for aging test>-Wetting paint or plastic samples to simulate exposure under humid conditions; wetting interval can be selected from 1-999 minutes; continuous wetting; water temperature control at 30-50°C; water level indicator.

Contact cooling water-cooled sample table-directly contact with the cooling surface to ensure consistent cooling of the sample; recommended for heat-sensitive materials, such as agrochemicals and plastic films; commonly used for testing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; special sample table for easy replacement, It can be cooled with tap water.

XenoCal irradiance sensor-used for irradiance calibration and measurement on the sample stage; using XenoSoft analysis software, computer evaluation and image display of the measured value; sensors with different wavelength sensitivities are available. XenoCal BB 300-400; XenoCal WB 300-800; 340nm/420nm narrow band sensor.

XenoCal BST and XenoCal WST sensors-used to calibrate and measure the black mark temperature and the white mark temperature (WST) measurement on the sample stage; use XenoSoft analysis software to evaluate and display the measured value with a computer.

Coolers for heat-sensitive materials-It is recommended to test the light resistance of medicines and cosmetics; fresh air cooling and control; black mark temperature reduction to 13°C (depending on the measurement unit and laboratory conditions); fluorine-free refrigeration.


The infiltration system of the aging test simulates the exposure and contact cooling of the water-cooled sample table under humid conditions to ensure consistent cooling of the sample. It is suitable for testing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, XenoCal irradiance sensors, XenoCal BST and XenoCalWST sensors, and heat-sensitive materials Use a cooler. There are Atlas Suntest series XXL, XXL+, XLS, XLS+, CPS, CPS+ to choose from to meet the different needs of users.
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