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Qinsun Si4000 xenon lamp aging machine

Qinsun Si4000 xenon lamp aging machine

The Si4000 xenon lamp aging tester is a fully automatic parameter closed-loop control aging tester, with a large LCD touch screen display, which can simultaneously control the amount of light irradiation, blackboard temperature, temperature in the box, hu...

The Si4000 xenon lamp aging tester is a fully automatic parameter closed-loop control aging tester, with a large LCD touch screen display, which can simultaneously control the amount of light irradiation, blackboard temperature, temperature in the box, humidity in the box, spray cycle, running time and other control parameters. The controller has a dozen programs preset at the factory, and users can also compile three programs by themselves. After the programs are called and executed, they run fully automatically without manual monitoring.

Equipment introduction

A: Classification of aging equipment: At present, there are two main types of Xenon Lamp Aging Instruments in the world, namely water-cooled and air-cooled, which are classified according to the different cooling methods of xenon lamp tubes. Generally, the air-cooled Xenon Lamp Aging Instrument is limited to meet some European standards, while the water-cooled type can basically meet all European and American standards.
B: Si4000 is a water-cooled Xenon Lamp Aging Instrument, which adopts the world's most advanced, widely used, and highly recognized design form.
C: Si4000 is a fully automatic closed-loop control with a large touch screen LCD display, which can simultaneously control light irradiation, blackboard temperature, box temperature, box humidity, spray cycle, running time and other control parameters. The controller is in the factory More than a dozen programs have been preset, and users can also compile three programs by themselves. After the programs are called and executed, they run fully automatically without manual monitoring.

Blackboard temperature control

The blackboard temperature is also an important control parameter, and its meaning is to represent the high temperature of the surface of the sample when it is exposed to radiation. When the sample is irradiated, its surface temperature will increase due to the absorption of the infrared energy in the light, and the surface temperature of samples of different colors will be different. Like the sample, the blackboard thermometer is also mounted on the sample holder and hung on the sample.
The American standard and European standard commonly used blackboard thermometers are different. The American standard is called BPT (Black Standard Temperature), the European standard is called BST (Black Standard Thermometer), and the American Standard Black Standard Thermometer (BPT) is a metal plate coated with standard paint. The European standard black standard thermometer (BST) has a plastic insulation layer behind the metal plate. Normally, the reading of BST will be higher than BPT.
Under the condition of constant irradiation intensity control of Si4000, the central controller automatically controls the fan speed above the test box through the inverter, and regulates the air flow rate passing through the sample surface, thereby stably closed-loop control of the blackboard temperature. Generally, it is not required to control the blackboard temperature during the dark period.
Si4000 can also choose the dual-channel blackboard temperature setting, the machine will have two blackboard temperature monitoring circuits at the same time, and BST and BPT sensors are installed respectively. After the user calls the execution program, the machine will automatically call the required sensor (BPT or BST) data for closed-loop control. In this way, customers can take into account the requirements of American standards and European standards.
The Si4000 blackboard thermometer is installed on the rotating sample holder together with the sample, and its readings are true and representative. However, some brands of blackboard thermometers can only be fixedly installed in the test corners. Due to the unevenness of the irradiation intensity, the representativeness of its readings is questionable.
Temperature control in the box
The Si4000 central controller will automatically control the opening degree of the air door on the back of the machine (automatic adjustment function), introduce the required low-temperature air to reduce the temperature in the box, or turn on the heater at the bottom of the box to heat the temperature in the box Perform closed-loop control.

Blackboard humidity control
The Si4000 uses a relative humidity sensor to automatically proportionally control the humidity in the box. It uses compressed air to stir pure water to form water mist through small nozzles for humidification. This humidification method is fast and safe, and the nozzle angle is adjustable.
Some brands of machine humidification methods use heating to humidify. The disadvantages of this method are response delays and large deviations. At the same time, the heat brought by moisture will seriously affect the inside of the box.

Temperature balance control
Spray control:
Si4000 can independently control the front spray and the back spray. The front spray mainly simulates the process of rain in nature, while the back spray simulates the phenomenon of surface condensation at night.
Light and dark cycle control:
Si4000 can independently control the on and off of the lamp, representing the night and day respectively.
Machine operation control:
The central controller of Si4000 is an intuitive TFT LCD touch screen interface, touch screen input, Chinese or English interface, large-capacity programming control, a total of 20 stored programs, and 16 preset programs at the factory for direct calling, including SAEJ1885, SAEJ1960 , AATCC 16E, AATCC 169-1, ISO105-B02, 04, 06, ASTM G155-1, G155-4, FORD INTE-RIOR, GMW 3414TM, ISO4892-2-A, ISO11341-1, the other two are Irradiation intensity and power calibration procedures, in addition, users can compile four procedures and store them according to their needs.

Instrument description

● The service life of the lamp: It is recommended to replace every 2000 hours, and the filter also needs to be replaced regularly. Qinsun provides a 4000-hour spare part package, which can be selected according to the combination of internal and external filters. The spare parts kit contains two lamps, a number of internal and external filters and other consumables, which are sufficient for the 4000-hour test.
● The Si4000 lamp tube stands upright in the center of the test box, around the upper and lower three-layer rotating sample rack, which can hold 65 samples (sample size is 70x145x3mm), which ensures that each sample receives uniform radiation intensity. An aluminum plate should be lined after each sample. If each sample is not enough to cover the sample rack, the empty sample holder should be lined with an aluminum plate to cover the entire sample rack.
● Si4000 is a water-cooled Xenon Lamp Aging Instrument. The inner and outer filters form a water jacket while filtering light. The flow of pure water takes away the huge heat generated by the xenon lamp.
● Pure water is used for lamp cooling, spraying and humidification. The high purity of water can reduce the deposition of impurities on the filter and prevent the influence of radiation intensity;
● Spray is to simulate rain; humidification is to spray pure water into mist with compressed air to control the humidity in the box. So users need to prepare pure water or pure water generating device. There is a small pure water tank at the lower left front of the Si4000, and the pure water flowing through the lamp tube flows back to the tank. After the pure water is lost, the water level drops, and the machine automatically fills in water to replenish; in this tank is also equipped with a snake-shaped cooling tube , Tap water inside, because the pure water absorbs the heat of the lamp tube and the water temperature rises. When the temperature in the pure water tank exceeds 55℃, the tap water in the serpentine tube starts to flow to cool the pure water, keeping the pure water cool The efficiency of the lamp. The temperature of the tap water is recommended to be below 20°C. If the user considers the cost and temperature of tap water, it is recommended to equip an ice water machine for recycling. When the temperature in the pure water tank exceeds 65°C, Si4000 will automatically shut down for protection.
● Rotating drum sample holder and uniformity of irradiation intensity and blackboard temperature: Si4000 rotating drum sample holder is designed to place the sample vertically on the rotating rack in the center of the instrument. The rotating rack consists of a cylindrical single-layer sample display structure The sample is rotated on the drum frame around the light source at a speed of 1 circle per minute to obtain a balanced light energy, temperature and humidity. Since the xenon lamp tube itself will age while working, it will produce some black spots, and the black spots will affect the uniformity of the light. The drum sample holder rotates at a constant speed when working, so that the light from the black spots acts on the entire sample space evenly. , It balances this kind of subtle error to the greatest extent.

Scope of application

Si4000 is mainly used for testing of automotive materials, plastics, paints, packaging, solar photovoltaic, and textile industries including geotextiles, pigments, stabilizers, additives, etc.

technical parameter

Light source: a 6500W water-cooled xenon lamp tube
Spectral range: full spectrum daylight
Irradiation intensity closed-loop control range: (307~1356)W/m2 (300~800nm) (Boro/Boro internal and external filters, see samples for others)
Irradiance control accuracy: ±0.1W/ m2 of the set value
The irradiation intensity of the sample surface is uniform: ≦±4%
Irradiance control point: 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 400-750nm, etc. can be selected
Blackboard temperature closed-loop control range: BST: 40~120℃; BPT: 40~110℃
Blackboard temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
The uniformity of the blackboard temperature: ≦±2°C
The closed-loop control range of the temperature inside the box: normal temperature~90℃
Temperature control accuracy in the box: ≤±2℃
Humidity control range in the cabinet: light cycle: 10%-75% (determined by temperature) dark cycle: reach full
Humidity control accuracy in the cabinet: ≤±5%
The number of sample holders that can be installed: 65, a total of 3 layers
Sample holder size: SL-3T, 69×145×3mm (width×length×thickness)
Total exposure area: 6500cm2
Power supply: 380V (±5%)/50HZ, 3-phase 4-wire
Maximum current: 47A
Maximum power: 9.5KW
Net weight: 586Kg
Size: height 198cm, width 125cm, depth 105cm
Floor area: 148×274cm (width×depth)
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