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How to maintain a temperature cycle test machine in winter?


    In winter, in order to allow temperature cycle testing machine to take longer, we need to maintain equipment because it is easy to refresh in winter to cause water. In order to prevent these faults, we must understand the temperature cycle testing machine cleaning:

    1. Clean the condenser and compressor surface, can not use water, to remove dust with a brush to ensure good heat dissipation condition. When cleaning, do not use a strong corrosive liquid such as alcohol, gasoline, laundry powder, acid solution.

    2. Regularly cleans the

    temperature circulation testing machine , the stain on the door seal magnetic strip should be raised early, otherwise, it will accelerate the aging of the door to affect the door. Sealing performance, causing an increase in temperature in the box and power consumption, especially if the next seal is easier to pollute, and often check. 3. Regular defrosting.

    Temperature cycle testing machine

    After a period of work, the surface of the emulsion is also the surface of the box. If the frost layer has more than 6 mm, it will cause the refrigeration to decline, increase power consumption, so to defrost regularly . 4. The sample frame that can be removed inside can be cleaned with water. Cleaning Temperature cycle testing machine

    When the surface and the door seal are closed, the power is turned off, wiped with warm water or soapy water, and finally removes and dried. Water washing inside and outside, so as not to cause leakage or guide

    to fail.

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