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How to replace the compressor oil of the high and low temperature alternating test chamber?


    For companies that often use high and low temperature alternating test chamber , long-term use of its compressor oil will


    , we need to check the replacement regularly, then How do we replace it, please look down.

    1. Boot and run to normal temperature for an hour;
    2. Shutdown;
    3. Drain the oil tank, the cooler, and all filters;
    4. Join The newly replaced oil to the minimum oil required for operation (such as: 1/2 volume);
    5. Power on and run to normal operating temperatures for an hour. In this hour, turn off and turn off the exhaust valve every 15 minutes to set up the machine under high pressure and low pressure valve;
    6. Shutdown;
    7. Drain the cooler, fuel tank and all filters Oil;
    8. Add new replacement oil to 1/2 volume;
    9. Continue the fifth step;
    10. Shutdown;
    11. Low high and low temperature Variable test chamber Oil in the entire machine, including coolers, fuel tanks, and filters. If it is necessary to remove the pipe to remove the lower oil. Cleaning the filter, replace the separator and all non-permanent oil filters. Check that the import filter is contaminated, it is appropriately replaced;
    12. Adding the recommended minimum oil required to replace the oil to the operation;
    13. Power and run to normal temperature for 15 minutes
    14. Shut off and discharge the oil in the machine. Open the filter and filter, but do not replace;
    15. Add oil to the machine to normal oil level;
    16. Replay and pay attention to the oil level. When high and low temperature alternating test chamber , there will be about 1/2 oil in the observation window;
    17. The foam can be dispersed to the oil level in 2 minutes after shutdown and no oil from the vent valve. Central flow.

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