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How to buy a constant temperature and humidity test chamber


    How to buy a constant temperature and humidity test chamber
    I believe that many customers who have the initial purchase of constant temperature and humidity test chambers will have such a feeling, and the constant temperature and humidity test box manufacturers are uneven, and the model is even more The people are dazzled, and at first glance, the specifications of each manufacturer are the same, but Xiaobian has to remind the customers here. When purchasing the test box, you must leave a heart, ZUI should uphold the goods than the three procurement principles, Today, Xiaobian will come to you to pay attention to what we need to pay attention to in the purchase process.
    First, the control system; the control system can be called a core component of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, and the user must pay special attention to this aspect when purchasing. It is a well-known brand, product quality, after-sales service, which specializes in the manufacture of constant temperature and humidity test chambers, and other manufacturers, the function of automatic calculation, can be immediately revised, and the temperature and humidity can be corrected Control is more accurate and stable.
    Second, constant temperature and humidity test chamber refrigeration system; the refrigeration system adopts the original French Taikang compressor group, the refrigerant
    uses the US DuPont brand, the cooling effect is strong, and the performance is stable.
    Third, heating system; most of the high-infrared nickel-chromium alloy high-speed heating electric wire, the heating system uses high temperature complete independent system without affecting low temperature, altering and heat test. Lab 4, humidification system; humidification system adopts international popular shallow tall humidification method, humidification effect and humidity control compared to traditional methods more precise.
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