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How to judge whether the high and low temperature-changing and humidity test box work is normal?


    How to determine whether the high and low temperature and humidity test box work is normal?
    1, from the principle of cooling from the high and low temperature alternating humidity test chamber, the refrigerant flows in the system, while the state changes, with the heat and heat absorption, the temperature of each refrigerating member and the line Will therefore change, we can determine whether the high and low temperature-changing moisture heat test chamber is working properly.
    2, when the high and low temperature alternating moisture heat test chamber is turned on, the compressor starts to start operation, and the hand is slightly vibranistic when the compressor surface is mixed, and is accompanied by the uniform operation of the compressor motor. After the normal operation is half an hour, the entire refrigeration system enters the regulator work.
    3, with ambient temperature 32 degree as an example, at this time, the temperature of the compressor can reach around 90 degrees, and the surface of the compressor is touched by hand, and there is a feeling of hot hands. The inlet of the condenser (150 mm from the compressor exhaust port) is about 60 degrees, and there is a hot feeling here.
    4, if the temperature is too high, it may be faulty in the compressor. The cause of the condensation pressure is too high, the system contains air or other reactive gas or excessive reasons;
    5, if these two temperature is over, it may be damaged by the compressor valve, the condensed pressure is too low, the refrigerant Excessive or leaks, system ice blocked, compressor liquid shock, etc.
    The high and low temperature-transformed moisture heat test chamber is each other, and the impact of each other, a failure may have a variety of reasons, and a reason may also produce a variety of faults. Therefore, a comprehensive comparison analysis of local factors should be made to fully accurately determine the nature and part of the fault.

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