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How to buy qualified salt spray corrosion test chamber


    How to buy qualified salt spray corrosion test chamber
    How to choose a qualified salt-fog corrosion test chamber becoming the problem of current consumers first consideration?
    First, customers have to clarify the salt spray corrosion test chamber as follows:
    1, what product do you produce, how big is the product size? How heavy!
    2, what standards are referred to as a salt fog trial: GB51071.18, GB10125, GB20853, GB2084, GB / T31467.3-2015, GB / T10587-2006, GB / T2423.17-2008, GJB150. 11A-2009 et al.
    3, there is a simple 2 point, our Qinsun instrument salesperson will help customers recommend the right salt spray corrosion test chamber according to 2 points above! If the above is unclear, our technology and customers are communicating!
    Second, customers buy qualified salt fog causing test chamber, also to know below:
    1 The PP box is easily cleaned, not easy to deform, light material, convenient mobile relocation, large salt homok laboratory, mostly 316L sheet, PP.
    2, the nebulizer of the salt spray corrosion test chamber should be used for characteristics such as easy to clean, corrosion resistance, abrasion, not easily deforming; because during the salt spray test, it may be salt due to long time Or peanizer, resulting in moisture, spray dispersion is uneven and affects the experimental results;

    3, spray glass nozzle should be durable, corrosion, spray uniform;
    4, salt spray corrosion Test chamber disconity and tail fog recovery device:
    NBSP; Lab The exhaust device of the salt spray corrosion test chamber is the salt spray corrosion test chamber in the experiment, in order to prevent the pressure in the box, thereby affecting smoke spray. The uneven experimental results are inaccurate; therefore, the design reasonable salt spray corrosion test chamber should have a relatively reasonable exhaust device and tail fog recycling device; because ZUI has always attached importance to environmental protection, the tail fog recycling device is currently considering Among the conditions of choosing a salt spray corrosion test chamber!

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