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Talk to the maintenance of small salt spray test chamber nozzles


    Talking about the maintenance of small salt spray test chamber The salt spray test chamber mainly produces the effect of salt fog to detect the corrosion resistance of the product, and the resulting key to the production of salt fog is in the test solution The pressure of the pressure is sprayed by a nozzle. Therefore, the quality of a nozzle is also a direct factor in the success or failure of the test, and in the design of the nozzle, there is very strict control for the bending angle and the aperture, etc. of the nozzle, thereby ensuring the standardity of the resulting salt mist. In addition, in daily use, the rupture of the nozzle and the phenomenon of blockage is a certain impact on the normal operation of the trial, and the technical expert of this case Qinsun instrument has several maintenance of small secrets to let everyone A better protection of the nozzle of the test chamber. 1) For the installation of the oil and water separator, the air vapor and oil in the air should be avoided when air compression should be avoided. At the same time, it will be brought to the oil stain on the wall of the nozzle, and since the pore size of the nozzle belongs to the relatively small, regardless of the impurities in the water, it will affect the production of salt fog. 2) The spray pressure of the salt mist test chamber nozzle should not be set too large, and it is usually 0.07MP Lab to 0.17 MP range, which is too much to cause the nozzle to rupture. 3) If you should avoid impact, you should pay attention to gentle radiation when installing the nozzle or blocking the nozzle, and it is necessary to prevent the principle and excessively caused damage to the nozzle. 4) In the salt spray test, it is necessary to use distilled water or deionized water to reduce impurities in water, which is to reduce the nozzle clogging. Shanghai Qinsun Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized cargo company specializing in the production and testing equipment. The Qinsun instrument is always: quot; integrity is gold, service is guaranteed, quality is development quot; for our company's business purposes, constantly improve and improve product quality and service, provide users with better, more comprehensive instruments to apply overall solutions To serve you with the spirit of dare to innovate.
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