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How to view the circuit problems of the xenon lamp test box?


    Xon lamp test chamber

    is a test instrument with light, temperature and humidity, and many products are placed outdoors, through the exposure of the sun, the rinsing of the rains, the degradation of molds, using the product after a period of time Some can't use it, and some have changed, it is not good to see, some internal products have failed. These phenomena are unable to appear in real life. It may take a month, one year, or longer, the role of xenon aging test box is to simulate a harsh environment, so that in the test chamber is equivalent to outdoor Placed for a month, laying half a month in the test chamber equivalent to half a year to one year. After the equipment is long, it will inevitably appear some problems, then how should we view

    lamp test chamber

    circuit problems? Let's take a look at Xiaobian: 1, check: View the circuit connection is dropped, the components have no disability and open circuit, whether the circuit has no soldering or short-circuit scene, the resistance is burnt, the capacitor is vibrating , Oil leakage, the fuse is not blowing, the electric fan motor, the compressor is not working properly. 2. Touch: If the internal windings in the transformer are short-circuited, the temperature rise will progress: the temperature rise of the fan motor is normal: the compressor work, the condenser is heated and the electrolytic capacitance drain is large, the medium loss is increased, and it will make it Temperature rises to touch these parts to find problems. 3, listen: boot and power, there is no other abnormal noise in the listener. 4, see: There is a non-smoke in the machine, and there is a trace of burnt traces on the components and wires. The circuit board has no fissure. 5, Wen: There is a scorpion in the machine, or the transformer, the motor, etc. 6, the earthquake: About the control panel, the screwdriver can be quietly tapped, check


    Looking for a circuit breeder.
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