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UV climate test chamber


    UV climate test chamber is widely used to evaluate the weather resistance of material, the aging test chamber has a good sun UV simulation, low maintenance cost, easy to use, aging test chamber adopts control automatic operation The test cycle has high degree of automation, good lighting stability, and high test results.

    Ultraviolet climate test chamber Main technical indicators:

    ◆ Temperature range: RT + 10 ° C ~ 70 ° C

    ◆ Temperature uniformity: plusmn; 3 ° C

    ◆ Condensation: Vapor condensation

    ◆ Rain: spray / shutdown time (intermittent cycle can be set)

    ◆ Light / condensation cycle: 4h / 4h or 8h / 4h (cycle can be set)

    ◆ Distance from the center of the tube: 55mm

    ◆ Light pipe center distance: 65 ~ 70mm

    ◆ UV tube: UV-A340 or UV-B313 (optional) US Aspen Las original

    ◆ UV wavelength: 315 ~ 400nm

    ◆ Irradiation strength: 0 ~ 1.0W adjustable

    ◆ Tube life: 1800 ~ 2500h

    1) Adopt inlet long life tube, good effect.

    (2) The price is cheap, the cost of operation is low.

    (3) Built-in microprocessor control + self-diagnostic function + Solar Eye sun eye system Control Irradiation + Autocal

    (4) Calibration system automatic correction irradiation humanized design Reliable, easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain.

    ● Test box main controller for intelligent digital display control instrument, user-friendly operation method, easy to learn.

    ● The outer casing, the liner is used in high quality stainless steel, and the sample holder is composed of the frame base frame and the spring.

    ● Enter the digital correction system, built-in common thermal resistance, and measurement accurate and stable.

    ● After the specified surface is specified, it is transferred to an unbroadless state of the simulated nighttime. At this time, the surface of the sample is still exposed to the saturated mixture of indoor hot air and water vapor, and the sample The back surface is cooled by the surrounding (condensation) space to form an exposed state of the test surface.

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