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Mask detector equipment Daquan overtime production is produced as a fight against the epidemic!-Qins

    The Qinsun instrument has made a contribution to the mask manufacturer and made a contribution to the epidemic prevention and control. It has fully resumed the work and re -work.

    Mask breathing valve seal detection machine

    1, product introduction

    Mask respiratory valve seal detection machine is used to determine the pressure sealing of medical surgical masks, N95 masks and other protective masks under the prescribed conditions and single seal testing of the respiratory valve.

    2. Products meet the standards

    ①, yy 0469-2011 medical surgical mask technical requirements

    ②, yy /T0969-2013 in one-time use Medical Mask

    3. Product characteristics

    ①, high -definition LCD LCD display;

    ②, digital flow meter, traffic meter, traffic, traffic High control accuracy.

    Mask breathing resistance tester

    1, product introduction

    ] Mask respiratory resistance gas density tester is used to determine the inhalation and exhalation resistance of the mask under the prescribed conditions. It is suitable for the relevant testing and inspection of national labor protection supplies inspection agencies and mask manufacturers to conduct relevant masks, dust masks, medical masks, and haze -proof masks. 2.

    Products meet the standards

    ①, GB 2626-2019 Breathing protective supplies self-sucking filtrate anti-particle respirator 6.56.6 [[

    ②, GB/T 32610-2016 regular protective mask technical specifications

    ①, special air path conversion element is used , Ensure that the two sets of pipeline systems are replaced and fast;

    ②, the number of digital display breathing resistance, with zero correction, accuracy correction, and over -range alarm function;

    ③ , Use standard flowmeters, high flow control accuracy. Mask filtering efficiency test table (including ventilation resistance test)

    1. Product introduction

    Mask filtering efficiency test table (including air resistance test) is a detection device for detecting the filtering performance of protective masks, protective filtration efficiency, and filtering effects.

    2, Products meet the standards

    ①, GB 2626-2019 Respiratory protective supplies Self-sucking filtrate anti-granular anti-particle respiratory

    ②, GB/T 32610-2016 Daily protective mask technical specifications

    ③, GB/T19083-2010 medical mask technical requirements

    ④, yy0469-2011 medical surgical mask

    3. Products Features

    ① The whole process of particulate matter anti -leakage design to protect the safety of the experimental personnel;

    ②, the test compartment configuration operation gloves are convenient for the replacement of the mask;

    ③ Compatible masks and respiratory test sample test sample test particulate protection effects and filtration efficiency.

    Mask dead cavity detector

    1. Product introduction

    Mask dead cavity detector is mainly used to protect the detection of masks, that is, the volume score of CO2 in the inhalation gas.


    Products meet the standards ①, GB2626 mdash; 2019 Breathing Protective Products MDASH; MDASH; Self -suction filtrate anti -granules respiratory

    ②, TAJ1001 mdash; 2015 PM2.5 Protective Mask in the dead cavity detection items

    ③, GB/T16556-2007 Self-Supply Open Compressed Air Respirator Mid -carbon dioxide content

    3. Product characteristics

    ① The test process of the protective mask dead cavity tester is completely controlled by the computer program, automatic detection, simple operation, easy use of use, easy to use ;

    ②, there is no need to adjust the breathing frequency and breathing volume during testing. As long as the simple parameter setting operation on the computer can change the breathing frequency and breathing volume, which is very convenient and accurate.

    Mask flame retardant performance tester

    1. Product introduction

    Mask flame retardant performance The tester is used to test the combustion performance after the medical mask is exposed to the flame at a certain speed. It is a test instrument for the flame retardant performance of the medical mask.

    2, Products meet the standards

    ①, GB19083 mdash; 2010 Medical ProtectionMaster's Technical Requirement File ②, YY0469 MDASH; 2011 Medical Surgery Mask test requirements

    ③, GB2626-2019 Breathing Protective Self-suction Filter Filtering Anti-Merchants

    3. Product characteristics

    ①, the burner is equipped with abundant gas interfaces such as propane (liquefied gas); ②, combustion time, flame retardant time, all Automatic records, numbers display.

    Mask synthetic blood penetration tester

    1. Product introduction Mask synthetic hemodialysis tester is used to determine the synthetic blood penetration performance of the synthetic blood penetration of medical masks under different test pressures.


    Products meet the standards

    ①, GB 19083-2010 Technical Requirements for Medical Protection Mask YY/T 0691-2008 Infectious pathogen protection equipment medical mask anti-synthetic blood penetration test method (fixed volume, horizontal jet) ③, yy0469-2011 Technical requirements for medical surgery masks, blood through blood wear Passion Test Device

    3. Product characteristics

    ① The protruding sample fixed device can simulate the actual use status of the mask, leave the test target area, and does not destroy the sample without destroying the sample , And make the synthetic blood distributed in the target area of the sample; ②, can fully simulate the average blood pressure of the human body 10.6kPa, 16kPa, and 21.3KPa for testing.

    Mask gas exchange pressure tester

    1, product introduction Mask gas exchange pressure pressure pressure pressure The tester is mainly suitable for the measurement of the pressure difference between the gas exchange pressure of the medical surgical cover, and it can also be used to determine the pressure difference between the gas exchange pressure of other textile materials.

    2. Products meet the standards

    ①, yy0469-2011 Technical Requirements for Medical Surgery Mask

    3. Product characteristics ① Use the absorbing gas source as the power source of the instrument, not limited by the space of the test site; The clamping guarantee is firmly held.

    The surface of the mask anti -humidity tester

    1. Product Introduction

    Mask humidity testing instruments are suitable for determining the water resistance of medical protection materials, textile materials, and water -resistant water -resistant water resistance.

    2, Products meet the standards

    ①, yy/T1632-2018 Water resistance penetration test method of medical protection clothing materials ( Compatible with Type 1, Type II)

    ②, AATCC42-2013 Impact osmoticity Test Method

    ③, GB/T24218.17-2017 Part 17: The measurement of anti -seepage (spray impact method) 3. Product characteristics

    ①, stainless steel, corrosion resistance, durable; ②, simple and easy to use, no need to learn is to be learned, no need to learn is to learn. Will be used.

    Mask tester

    1. Product introduction

    The mask tester is mainly used for testing the conventional mechanical performance indicators for various disposable masks and medical masks. It is also widely suitable for medical devices (injection needle bending, surgical blade sharpness, syringe slide performance, densely fit) For the test, fiber, plastic, paper, cardboard, film, and other non -metallic material top pressure, soft plastic packaging heat seal strength, tearing, stretching, puncture, compression, bottle of bottle breaking, 180 degrees stripping, 90 degrees stripping, peeling of 90 degrees, and departure, 90 degrees divestiture, 90 degrees, Test items such as shear force, thermal intensity. At the same time, this instrument can measure paper resistance, tension strength, elongation, cracking, anti -tensor energy absorption, anti -tension index, anti -tension energy absorption index and other items.


    Products meet the standards

    ①, yy0469-2011 Medical Surgery Mask

    ②, yy/t 0969-2013 One-time Medical Mask

    ③. ① The design method held by the imported instrument fixture was adopted to avoid the operator's condition that the detection error caused by the operating technical problem; Ensure precise displacement;

    ③, can be selected at the speed interval of 5-600mm/min, this function can meet the detection of samples such as 180 deg; peeling, ampoule discounting force, and film tension.

    Mask fabric dyeing fastness tester


    电动摩擦色牢度测试仪用于检测棉、化纤、 Tests of dry/wet rubbing color fastness of colored fabrics and leather.

    2. Products meet the standards

    BS 1006 D02, ISO 105X12/D02, AATCC 8/165, JIS K6328, L0815, L1084, etc. Related test standards 3. Product characteristics

    ① Electronic counter, completely simulate the test results of ten manual friction, high data reproduction; 123; ] ②, device control method: AATCC, ISO and other standards are set inside, and programs can also be set by themselves;

    ③, automatic alarm function after testing. Make a mask fabric pilling tester

    [ 1. Product Introduction

    Mask fabrics are mainly suitable for testing textiles. The outer layers, lining, substrates, and fabrics are resistant to the outside of the shoe. With the standard friction cloth surface and the friction of the test object, it can be divided into wet and dry state tests. Under a certain number of friction times, after the abroad rubbing in Lissajous, observe the difference between the comparison and the original matter and judge.


    Products meet the standards

    ISO12947.2-1988is12947.3-1988GB/T21196.2-2007GB/T21196.3-2007astm -D4966

    3. Product characteristics ① scientific structural design, can easily load and unload tests without moving the cover; A variety of test modes are available, at the same time, the ball and wear -resistant function can be performed at the same time, and the national standard and beauty standard can be performed.

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