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Qinsun1500L Four advantages of fast temperature change test box -qinsun

    HD-E702-1500K70 fast temperature change test box has a volume of 1500L, with multiple groups of PID control functions, equipped with RS-232C/485C connected computer interface control, which can simulate high temperature, high humidity/low temperature, low humidity/high temperature/low temperature, etc. Different environmental conditions, more programmatic programming control and fixed -point control systems with high standards and learning, providing ideal test performance. Widely adapt to the industrial electronics, military, plastics, hardware, chemical industry and other industries, such as: electronic parts, automotive parts, notebooks and other products.

    Product Features

    1. Line-line temperature control

    HD-E702-1500K70 fast temperature change test box adopted adopted It is linear rapid temperature change. The temperature range is at -70 ℃ ~ 150 ℃. Compared with conventional temperature variable test machines, only 1 minute increases 3 ° C or 1 ° C demand, HD-E702-1500K70 rapid temperature change test function realizes 1 minute increase of 15 ° C or 15 ° C. And it can maintain a uniform cooling rate in the process of rapid temperature changes, so that the temperature can change smoothly and achieve controlling temperature.

    2. Three sets of thermal exchange methods

    HD-E702-1500K70 fast temperature change test box design has 3 sets of heat exchange methods to improve thermal exchange efficiency, achieve rapid fast switch The purpose of cooling.

    3. High-efficiency and energy-saving design HD-E702-1500K70 fast temperature change test box adopts a dilateral frozen cooling system with 3 units with 3 units compressor. When performing the heating instructions, the output energy of the heating pipe is used to avoid the use of three compressors to reduce consumption costs.

    4. Test visualization

    Adopting large -scale window observation windows, at the same time equipped with Philips light window lights and built -in high temperature resistance device to facilitate the product test in the box. Product test visualization is stronger.

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