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What preparations should be made before use of salt fog test machine -qinsun

    We need to make a series of preparations before using the salt fog test machine. The warranty equipment is carried out smoothly. What are the preparations for? During the anti -heating, the box is cracked and aging. 2. The water sealing tank around the equipment should be added with an appropriate amount of distilled water or ionic water. 3. Add distilled water or remove ionic water to the air saturation. When it is added to the specified water level, the airworthiness valve and saturation device must be closed. 4. Check whether the water pipe between the water storage tank and the sprayer of the studio is well connected. Add the prepared salt solution to the water storage tank. 5. View the fogging condition of the fog pipe in the rear of the box; 6. The funnel of the box in the box, check whether the connecting pipe between the funnel and the fog might is smooth and intact. 7. View the connection tube of the gas source and saturator. 8. Open the lid and place the sample on the sample rack in the working room correctly. Keep a certain distance between the sample and the sample, and then turn off the lid. The above is the preparation method of the salt fog test machine. The editor also knows that the operation method is relatively unfamiliar to users who first contact the salt fog test machine. Let me introduce the operation of this device below: 1. The inside of the equipment will be introduced to you. Parts: Tower spray device, funnel, round stick, V sample rack, etc. 2. Connect the gas source and turn on the switch after connecting. 3. Add water to the pressure barrel and the box. After the two low water level lights are destroyed, the water is stopped. 4. Drain the proportion of pure water and sodium chloride at a ratio of 1:20. Pour the well -equipped solution into the entrance of the test medicine). 5. After all the lights are destroyed, you can turn on the operation, spray, and timing switch. After the test is over, the fog switch can be turned on. 6. According to the test requirements, the machine continuity and cycle are two spray methods.

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