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Shallow analysis of small carton anti -pressure test institution system and function -qinsun

    The HD-A501-500 of a small carton compression test machine is a multi-functional carton quality inspection equipment, such as the resistance, deformation, and stacking test of packaging parts such as corrugated carton, honeycomb board, paper tube and other packaging parts. It also takes into account the pressure test of containers such as plastic buckets (edible oil, mineral water), paper barrels, paper boxes, paper cans, container barrels (IBC barrels) and other containers. Applicable industries: food and beverages, instant noodle packaging, cosmetics packaging, beer packaging, grain and oil packaging, etc. can be tested. The results of the test can be used as an important reference for the height of the factory to stack the finished packaging box or an important basis for designing the packaging box. It can perform experiments such as GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS and other countries or standards to test and research equipment for various factories, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutes, and colleges and universities.

    HD-A501-500 touch screen carton pressure testing machine

    Cartonal pressure test mechanism system and functions:

    A. High precision Power sensor: 1000kg. The strength accuracy of the cardboard compression test machine is within plusmn; 0.5 %.

    B. The full capacity of the whole process is regardless of the gear; the analysis of the full -process force of the cardboard box resistance test machine is 1/100000

    C. Power system: Carton anti -pressure test machine uses AC inverter motor+Taiwan, China Inverter+roller screw+light rod+synchronous drive.

    D. Control system: Carton -resistant pressure test machine touch screen control method. Speed control range 10 plusmn; 3mm/min. The cardboard box resistance testing machine has a fast and thick -tone function. After testing, automatically return to the original point and store automatic storage.

    E. Safety device: The cardboard box resistance testing machine has overload emergency shutdown devices, upper and lower stroke limited devices, and automatic breakpoint shutdown functions.

    F. Printing method: with a micro printing function.

    G. Simple the whole process of the first gear and precision four -gear linear dual correction system.

    H. Test space: 550 mm by the couplet walking space (inclusive fixture)

    i .. Full of position displacement: encoder 1000 p/r, 4 times the accuracy of 4 times. The carton resistance test machine uses the LINE DRIVE encoder's anti -interference ability*. Disposal analysis of 0.01mm. Large deformed extension: Analysis 0.001mm

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