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Daily maintenance precautions for UV weathering test chambers What do you know?

UV weathering test chamber is aerospace, car, home appliances, Test equipment in scientific research.

is suitable for schools, factories, military, research, and other units. It can be used for non-metal materials, organic materials (such as coatings, paints, rubber, plastics and products), and test the degree of aging of products and materials under the change in weather conditions such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, gel. The type of hazard includes: brown, discoloration, loss of light, powder, cracking, brittle strength recession, and oxidation, thereby evaluating the weather resistance of test products. Today we will discuss with you how to conduct daily maintenance of the ultraviolet weather test chamber.

UV weathering test chamber [

So the maintenance of the ultraviolet weather resistance tested box should pay attention to what? Just remember 7 points below, you can learn how to make a daily maintenance of it:

1. Ultraviolet The optical resistance box device is in the operation, please remember to maintain a sufficient water source. 2. Time to open the door should be minimized during the test phase.

3. There is a sensor device in the working chamber, do not suffer a strong hit.

4. After the use is stopped for a long time, if you need to use it again, you must carefully check the water source, power supply, and components. Determine the device before starting the device.

5. Strong hazards due to ultraviolet radiation to personnel (especially eyes), the operator should minimize Contact UV (contact time should be less than 1 min). It is recommended that the operator belt protective eye
mirror and sheath.

6. After use, the plastic mask is avoided to avoid dust intrusion.If there is dust, it should be removed.

7. When the equipment is in non-working conditions, it should be kept dry to discharge the running water.Wipe the studio and the box.

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