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Xenon lamp aging test chamber: cutlery for high molecular material weather resistance performance

What is

xenon lamp aging test chamber ?

Xenon lamp aging test chamber
, is in aging test equipment One, the xenon lamp is a light source, and the material is accelerated to weather resistance test by simulating the weather factors such as sun radiation, rainwater, dew, etc. in the natural sun, to obtain the results of weather resistance. By reproducing these conditions, merge into a loop and let it automate the completion of the loop. It is an simulation of the product material that is placed in the outdoor, see if the product is faded, discolored, gloss decreased, powdering, cracking, embrittlement, intensity, etc., it can also reproduce rain and dew Destructive. It is necessary to have a hazard in the outdoor month and even years.

Why is xenon lamp aging test chamber evaluation material performance?

First xenon lamp aging test is an artificial accelerated aging test of natural aging test, which is analog material or product Climate factors such as sunlight, rain, dew, etc. involved in real use conditions, the process of generating

aging to strengthen the experiment. Of course, the intensity of the experiment is much larger than the actual intensity of outdoor, to shorten the test time, can understand how many years after the product is used through a short time test. The aging test of the xenon lamp is not only an important means of screening allocation, optimizing the product composition during the research and production, but also an important part of the product quality inspection in the industry.

Xenon lamp aging test is carried out in the laboratory. Because the sun radiation is to be simulated, this involves the choice of laboratory light source. At present, the laboratory light source mainly has carbon arc lamps, metal halogen lamps, fluorescent ultraviolet lamps, xenon lamps, and the like. The picture below compares the spectrum of the sunlight and these laboratory light sources. It can be seen that the xenon lamp can simulate the sunlight. It is a kind of artificial light source that is currently simulated. Thisalso the aging test of xenon lamps. Reasons for the common test evaluation method for sexual evaluation.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

how to determine how to test?

When using a xenon lamp aging test, the client usually wants to know how long the accelerated aging test should be corresponding to 5 Years, 8 years, 10 years and other weathering years. It can be clear that there is no such correspondence, which is from the diversity of materials, the diversity of material formulations, climate diversity, etc., and the conditions for xenon aging test are relatively fixed, but only It is a multiple cycle of the same test condition. So, what should I do? There are several methods for reference:

1, the standard of reference related products

Many products or materials use manufacturers to make a regulation of aging tests in their product standards, as long as we specify time and condition test according to standards That is, numerous standards, national standards and industry standards also have specific reference regulations.

2, according to existing correlation conversion formulas

The correlation study of manual accelerated aging and natural exposure has been in progress, and there are many conversion relationships, but it is limited to specific materials. If you just meet it. , Congratulations, you can calculate a relatively reliable use period.

3, the total amount of manual accelerated aging radiation is equivalent to natural exposure radiation is quite


For example, the total natural exposure radiation in a certain region is relatively different, and it is necessary to test some of the materials in this area. 5 years, you can know the total amount of natural exposure to 5 years, and then determine the test time by controlling the total amount of natural exposure to 5 years from 5 years. However, it is necessary to say that thisalso unreliable, for reference only, of course, if the criterion is specified or at all, thisno problem.

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